“Electricity How” – Is That an issue?


The phrase: “Electricity How” – A conundrum at least?

According to Google 368, 000 searches on the keyword phrase “electricity how” were conducted worldwide in one month. What are folks asking or looking for?

Undoubtedly, electricity is one of the great tricks.


On the one hand, it is everywhere in the ordinary daily lives. We all simply wouldn’t know how to do without it today. Virtually almost everything we do is driven by electricity.

So, in a sense, it is very familiar, and also commonplace.

We also realize it can be very dangerous, also lethal.

But, what is electrical energy?

I do not pretend to truly understand it. But, I actually find it fascinating and worth discussion and speculation.

Accordingly, there is a website sited under I find entertaining in addition to stimulating.


One of the missions of this site is to allow shed pounds dialogue and speculation in addition to sharing information and thoughts about electricity. Some things are heading to be quite down to earth and practical, other individuals very esoteric and almost spiritual.

This short article is intended to energize a discussion and get the ball rolling as we say. You are invited to get involved by leaving comments or perhaps contributing guest blogs.

Below is a few thoughts from a nonscientist, non-electrician, non-historian, just a humble math concepts teacher.


Our ancestors have been vaguely aware of electricity as lightning and static power sparks. They also were aware of magnetism via lodestones (were presently there any other magnetic materials they will know of? ). Still, they probably didn’t observe much connection between these kinds of three phenomena. They possibly didn’t think these things have been very important. Til the house burned up-down, or the compass been unsuccessful.

In the 1700s Ben Franklin began to gain some comprehension of electricity to the point he created the lightning rod as well as the battery. In fact, one could dispute the American Revolution hinged on Ben’s fame as being a scientist when he visited This particular language on the Revolution’s behalf.


In 1800 the great experimentalist Michael Jordan Faraday was the first to show the intimate connection between electric current and magnetic allows with his discovery of Faraday’s Laws. Then, the great physicist James Clerk Maxwell had the ability to construct a mathematical style of electromagnetism known as Maxwell’s Equations.

Thus, electricity and magnetism were irrevocably united. Really, one can not have one without the other. There is one Electromagnetic force. Magnets move in addition to induce an electric current and recently create magnetic force.


Really, Maxwell’s equations became the cornerstone of modern electrical technologies.

On top of that, Maxwell’s equations yielded the technique of the electromagnetic wave, in which light is just one example. Electromagnetic waves travel at changing frequencies, but with one continual speed which is invariant in spite of the movement of the observer. That speed is called c, the velocity of light.


This invariant exceedingly fast in turn led the physicist Albert Einstein to create his / famous Theory of Exclusive Relativity in 1905. That totally altered forever all of our concepts of time and space. (General Relativity in 1915 has been an even greater tour de push which explained the relationship regarding mass and gravity to be able to space-time, but that’s one more story for another time. )

But, electricity was merely getting warmed up!

The best was still being ahead.


In the late 1800s and also early 1900s, the greatest electricity engineer of all time, Nikola Tesla, applied Maxwell’s equations in addition to inventing the AC electric power dynamo which became the cornerstone of our modern industrial emerging trend. The original was of course pushed by mechanical and hydraulic (sic) concepts.


Then followed the amazing Richard Feynman, et. al.

Quantum motion was developed by several good physicists in the early 1900s. Guys like Bohr, Heisenberg, Schrödinger, and Dirac formulated the quite unintuitive idea of quantum mechanics immediately after Max Planck and Einstein made their observations on the quantum nature of light.


However, how did electricity slot in?

Feynman and others developed the primary quantum treatment of electricity and lightweight, known as QED, Quantum Electronica Dynamics.

Talk about nonintuitive.

Precisely what is an electron?

Is it an area or a wave?

No one actually knows. Both, neither, or perhaps something wholly mysterious?


While measured it seems to be constantly an infinitesimally small part of matter with some mass and another called charge, and “spin”.

But, when observed seems like to somehow travel in every possible path from one indicate another simultaneously with almost all of the paths somehow cancelling out there. This is indisputable and is just what explains many otherwise unexplainable phenomena.

Indeed, it can be experimentally verified that an electron someway passes through two slits at the same time. This is the famous increase slit experiment that qualifies the amazing quantum equations governing the electron’s actions


This can probably be best grasped by a layman by examining Feynman’s great book, QED. In my opinion, this is the best “look” into the mind of a wizard that exists.

If this plexus you, you are in good corporation. And, I don’t necessarily mean “yours truly” even though My partner and I don’t pretend to perhaps begin to understand it all.

In addition, I haven’t even talked about Bell’s Theorem which is definitely mind-blowing. I may discuss that and several other ideas in an expanded article on the website.

Indeed. The better company?

The amazing physicist of QED celebrity, Nobel Prize winner, Rich Feynman, said that anyone who also claims to understand QED demonstrates they don’t understand it in any way. And, He invented that.


The so-called “wave” is actually a mathematical “fiction”. The electron satisfies a mathematical differential equation called the Schrödinger Trend Equation. But, its remedies are what are called sophisticated functions. They don’t really have virtually any intuitive physical interpretation. The particular Equation just happens to be very similar in form to equations that do represent real waves. But, in this problem, there is nothing physical in the unit. Their solution is called “amplitudes”, which yield probabilities if “squared”.


So, here I’m in the 21st century. High of our modern technology, think Laser light et al, rests on QED, which in turn is a theory we are no real physical idea of other than what can possibly be described as “weird” physical trials.

Of course, nature also is dependent upon this weird physics. Not long ago, it has been discovered that photosynthesis, the cornerstone of all life on earth, will depend on a quantum mechanical result.

God only knows just where Bell’s Theorem will prospectus. Perhaps Dr . Bill Tiller’s great ideas will assist us. Another discussion great day.

Well, this article merely scratches the surface of handling the question of “Electricity How”. I don’t also know whether to end that in a period or poser.

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