How to Get Spray Paint Off Concrete


When it comes to removing spray paint from concrete, there are several methods you can try. Some are cheaper and more efficient, while others require you to invest a substantial amount of time and money.

Starting with the least abrasive techniques is essential to prevent damaging your concrete.

1. Soap and water

The safest and most straightforward way to remove spray paint from concrete is with soap and water. While it may not altogether remove all the paint, this method is much less hazardous for your hands, eyes, and lungs than other methods.

Create a dish soap and water solution in a bucket, then apply it to the spray paint stain. Let sit for several minutes, then scrub with a brush or sponge.

Repeat this process until all paint has been removed. Finally, wash it away with a hose if the area is outdoors, or use a mop indoors if indoors.

Try using a graffiti remover if the paint doesn’t come off with soap and water. These products contain chemicals that penetrate deep inside the color to loosen its grip on concrete surfaces.

2. TSP

Trisodium phosphate, commonly known as TSP, is an effective cleaner that acts like a paint stripper. TSP can remove spray paint from concrete or other hard surfaces in powder and liquid forms.

TSP is convenient and can be diluted, making it a budget-friendly solution. Plenty of other alternatives, such as environmentally friendly products, also work.

To remove spray paint from concrete, mix a solution of warm water and TSP according to the product label instructions. Apply this mixture onto the surface, then scrub it gently with a scrub brush.

Repeat the process until all traces of paint have been thoroughly washed away. Finally, rinse the area with clean water using either a hose if you’re outside or a mop if indoors.

Another popular method is to mix white distilled vinegar with water and apply it to spray-painted concrete using a sponge or paintbrush. After several minutes, the acid breaks the bond between paint and concrete.

3. Angle grinder

An angle grinder is one of the most helpful power tools you can own. They can quickly grind and cut metal, masonry, ceramics, plastic, and wood.

Angle grinders can be equipped with various grinding discs to suit your needs. These come in abrasives such as aluminum, carbide, diamond, and more for maximum precision grinding results.

Angle grinders can be equipped with blades to cut various types of masonry. Choose from flat diamond-tipped, notched, or serrated blades for different materials.

Angle grinders are frequently used for cutting masonry material, which requires special safety gear such as wearing a dust mask and protective gloves.

Angle grinders can also help scrape away mortar or grout between bricks. To do this, you’ll typically use a particular grinding wheel thicker than usual when cutting masonry materials.

4. Paint stripper

For the simplest method of stripping spray paint off concrete surfaces, paint strippers are your go-to solution. These products come in liquid, paste, gel, or spray forms and can remove multiple layers of paint at once for a hassle-free clean surface.

These strippers come in biodegradable and low-VOC formulations, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor surfaces from wood to masonry. Many of them also lack odor, making them safe to handle by children or pets.

A paint stripper works by applying it in a thin layer, waiting the recommended time, and then scraping away any remaining paint with a scraper. Depending on which stripper type you use, you may need to follow up with a neutralization step to protect the target surface from damage.

The process can take some time, so it’s worth reviewing the area several times. After you’ve removed all spray paint, use a hose or mop to clean the concrete surface thoroughly.