Swinton Insurance Review


Our Swinton Insurance Review has been compiled based on feedback from over 11,000 people. The average rating for their service was 4.5 stars, and the company also received 5-star ratings for their Premier and Classic policies from Defaqto. Swinton offers three levels of insurance policies and several underwriters.

Swinton’s home emergency policy offers a 24-hour helpline.

Swinton Home Emergency cover is available as an optional extra on your home insurance policy. The cover runs for the same period as the core policy and covers emergency repairs up to PS500, plus callout charges. It is designed to help you cope with emergencies in the home, such as a broken boiler or blocked sewer pipe. However, you should note that this cover is only for your primary home.

If you’ve got a faulty boiler or central heating system, you can call the helpline and fix it quickly. In 82% of cases, the helpline will respond within four hours. You can also call the National Gas Emergency number to report a suspected gas leak, and it will send a professional to you.

Swinton car insurance offers optional extras.

Swinton car insurance is an excellent option if you’re looking for a comprehensive policy with optional extras. The company offers three levels of standard cover and has pioneered the inclusion of services like breakdown cover and courtesy car hire. There are also various additional benefits, including comprehensive cover for your car and windscreen. If you’re in an accident, Swinton can also provide a courtesy car for you and your passengers and windscreen and audio equipment replacement.

Swinton car insurance offers a range of policies to suit all drivers and budgets. For example, you can choose a basic policy covering third-party damage and theft and optional extras such as legal cover for uninsured drivers. Swinton also has various tailor-made plans for younger drivers, those with convictions, and classic cars. Their website is well-designed and easy to navigate, and the company scores well with the Plain English Campaign.

Swinton home emergency policy excludes damage to fences, gates, and hedges

There are some downsides to having a home emergency policy with Swinton. While you may get a cheaper quote, that doesn’t mean that the policy is better for your needs. You have to know what the policy covers before you purchase it. It is not worth paying for something you don’t need just to get some money back.

The Swinton home emergency policy does not cover fences, gates, or hedges damage. It doesn’t cover damage caused by animals or pets and doesn’t cover the costs of fencing repairs. However, you can buy standalone contents insurance for your property with the policy.

Swinton car insurance offers uninsured driver promise

Swinton car insurance offers three different types of policies. The comprehensive policy offers the most protection for drivers and may cost less than the other two types. The uninsured driver promise may benefit you, as it protects you from the consequences of driving without insurance.

The Premier policy from Swinton covers you if you are in an accident caused by an uninsured driver. If this happens, the Premier policy will reimburse you for the excess you have paid. Other benefits include repair and replacement of standard fit car equipment, a courtesy car, and a windscreen cover.

Swinton home emergency policy charges a service fee for setting up a new policy

Swinton home emergency cover is an optional add-on to your existing home insurance policy. It runs for the same period as the core policy and will pay for repairs up to PS500, including labor, parts, and callouts. This cover is only available on your main home or domestic premises.

Many insurance companies charge service fees for setting up new policies. These fees are hidden in the small print and are often higher than the premium for the new policy. You can get a refund within 14 days, but you will usually have to pay a PS40 administration fee. However, some companies don’t charge a cancellation fee during the cooling-off period.

Swinton car insurance cancels house insurance.

When you have Swinton car insurance, you’ll be protected from accidents and damage to your house and its contents. Without it, your home is at risk of any unexpected incidents, and you’ll be responsible for the cost of repairs. In addition, home insurance will cover any repairs in the case of a natural disaster.

Swinton offers several home insurance policies and a discount for taking out more than one policy. You can choose from the most straightforward “Essential” home insurance policy to the most comprehensive “Classic” or “Premier” home insurance policy. You can also choose optional extras such as accidental damage, legal protection, or cover for high-value possessions.