Top 5 Customer Tracking Software


Customer tracking software enables you to maintain an in-depth database of client information while automating tasks and streamlining business processes. It is also an effective tool for increasing customer experience and strengthening loyalty among your client base. Find out the best info about نرم افزار سی ار ام.

Customer tracking software programs offer comprehensive histories for every client interaction, making it simple to see where each one stands on your sales funnel.


BIGContacts is a customer relationship management (CRM) and email marketing solution offering an expansive set of features. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive functionality make BIGContacts intuitive for newcomers as well. Integrating well with other applications helps businesses automate workflow processes more efficiently; users can further tailor fields, processes, and workflows according to individual business requirements while boasting exceptional customer support from BIGContacts.

BIGContacts makes contact management simpler for small teams by centrally tracking all activities and communication in one place. Users can quickly sort and view contacts based on pending or upcoming activities, opportunities, or last communications; emails can also be collected here so everyone in the team stays up-to-date and follows along in real-time; this feature increases productivity while making sure no opportunity goes unnoticed; users can even create custom fields to store additional details about prospects and customers.

BIGContacts has quickly become one of the go-to CRM tools in recent years. Created in 2006 by Bob Walton to address complex software programs that were difficult for small business owners to comprehend and utilize effectively, BIGContacts was designed as an answer that would help small business owners work smarter and more efficiently while increasing client retention and prospect conversion rates.


Hiver is an intuitive customer service management solution for businesses. Its user-friendly interface allows employees to easily manage team emails and business queries on one platform, while its automation features save time and reduce manual effort. In addition to email, Hiver integrates with chat and voice channels for multichannel support and allows file sharing on the fly to enhance collaboration.

Hiver’s powerful email collaboration tools empower teams to respond to customer emails quickly and in a timely manner while maintaining consistent communication with them. In addition, these tools also allow managers to manage their team workload using automated and workflow emails, as well as comprehensive analytics capabilities to identify bottlenecks and optimize processes.

The software includes many features, such as email tags for shared inboxes, auto assignments, and email templates. Furthermore, its built-in reports enable managers to easily monitor performance indicators such as first response times and resolution rates, as well as prioritize and reassign emails based on specific criteria.

Hiver also empowers teams to notify customers of their availability via an inbound contact form on their website, while its “unavailability feature” reassigns customer queries to agents available – providing customers with greater satisfaction while helping businesses remain ahead of their competition.


Keap is an intuitive customer tracking software tailored specifically for small businesses. Its CRM tools and advanced automation simplify complex business operations, boost team productivity, improve client service delivery, and enhance client retention. Furthermore, the robust feature set enables marketers to tailor their marketing strategies; its intuitive design makes learning and using this system straightforward for newcomers.

Keap offers an array of features and functionality, such as a customizable dashboard, email/text marketing capabilities, an e-commerce platform with payment management functionality, and a mobile app. Support can be reached via phone, email, and online forums with helpful tutorial videos and an extensive help center.

Keap can help you better manage your finances with its fully integrated invoicing system that supports credit card and PayPal payments and checkout forms on websites for customers to purchase products and services easily. Furthermore, its central payment hub makes managing all accounts simple while its e-commerce integrations allow tracking recurring payments automatically as well as automating them if required – supporting various languages, including Russian. Furthermore, using its business line feature, you can send text messages, manage business texting, and trigger automation from missed calls!


Apptivo is a comprehensive suite of tools designed to manage digital marketing, sales, and customer service for you. The system offers CRM capabilities as well as ERP features like contract management and supplier tracking; there are also mobile apps. Apptivo was initially tailored towards small to midsize businesses but can easily be customized for larger enterprises.

Apptivo customers rave about its superior customer support and extensive features, while its modular platform makes it easier for smaller companies to add features as they expand. Apptivo’s intuitive interface enables users to track upcoming and overdue tasks as well as billable time easily; its Gantt chart view makes monitoring project progress a breeze.

Users appreciate Apptivo’s feature of directly importing contacts without individually inputting each one. Furthermore, you can create custom fields in order to sort and categorize information more efficiently. Plus, there’s even a mobile application to track customer interactions on the go!


Tenfold is an intuitive call capture system designed to maximize customer conversations. With it, you can access CRM data, chat controls, and customer information in one central place; automate workflows to reduce call time and increase conversion rates; plus enjoy its easy interface and powerful functionality – perfect for any company!

Enhance CRM Integration
Once activated, this feature enables Tenfold to communicate more closely with your organization’s CRM or a business application for enhanced unified communications integration. Configure your CRM connection through the Admin Dashboard Feature Tab; authentication may be required depending on your CRM if using this feature successfully.

Enhance CRM integration features, including Local Presence Dialing, to increase connect rates and screen pops that display customer information for both inbound and outbound calls, helping agents deliver superior customer service and maximize the value of every call. In addition, agents can take call notes automatically using @mention to tag teammates or create tasks automatically and intuitively; their teammates who are mentioned will receive notifications in their UI that enable them to open interactions from there.


Kayako Help Desk software provides businesses and organizations with advanced automation features and industry-standard integrations that enable them to organize and manage customer inquiries efficiently. Unfortunately, Kayako may be too expensive for small businesses with tight budgets.

Kayako’s new version has been upgraded to be faster and simpler to use, including a more accessible social media management feature to allow businesses to communicate with customers across their preferred platforms. Furthermore, mobile device optimization is now possible; however, users have still reported some issues.

One of the key enhancements is ticket filters and custom views, which help teams better manage their work processes and provide personalized support. Furthermore, this version comes equipped with an in-built time tracking tool to aid billable hours tracking; additionally, this system automatically escalates tickets that do not meet SLAs.

The user interface of our knowledge base software is user-friendly and packed with features tailored to different workflows. Scalability ensures it can support large support teams, while multilingual capabilities enable monitoring and responding to customer feedback via its integrated knowledge base.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is an excellent option for businesses seeking to streamline their marketing, sales, and customer support processes. Available as either a stand-alone CRM service or integrated with numerous third-party applications, users can take advantage of features like email campaigns, sales analytics, and e-commerce integration, as well as Zoho’s customer support team via phone calls/live chat/FAQs/tutorials/webinars and videos – providing access to comprehensive features in one complete system.

Zoho CRM provides an impressive variety of features and is compatible with most popular devices, including multi-page layouts, custom components, validation rules, and history tracking. It is customizable to meet the unique needs of various businesses. It includes multi-page forms, custom components validation rules, history monitoring, and mobile access that allows users to manage their business on the go – scanning business cards into digital copies while creating leads, task reminders, and synchronization data.

Zoho CRM is an affordable CRM with a robust feature set and responsive customer support, earning rave reviews online. Setup and use are straightforward; its intuitive panel makes switching between customer-facing tools effortless.

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