What exactly Star Wars Can Study on Quality Management Software


Any individual who knows me knows We are Star Wars nerds. I spend way more period than I care in order to admit obsessing about the Celebrity Wars films, collecting arbitrary star wars toys, as well as musing about the “what ifs” in the Star Wars world. The other day, it occurred to me, “What if The Empire had applied a Quality Management System on the Demise Star? ” So I believed a bit on this, and which I think might have helped The actual Empire in their endeavour to guideline the galaxy if they just had put Quality Administration as a strategic initiative.

Task Management: From the time how the death star plan was conceived, it took The Prestige almost 20 years to complete typically the Death star. A project this kind of large requires multiple tasks involved, and delegation involving activities. The Death Legend project management team contains three key people rapid Grand Moff Tarkin, Darth Vader, and Emperor Palpatine. These are not the more accommodating managers and are not earlier mentioned taking employee errors or maybe missed deadlines with the aid of some sort of lightsaber, force lightning or possibly a death ray.

Perhaps in case, the Empire implemented a Quality-Based Project Management System, they would be capable of clearly defining the tasks involved in the project, assigning responsibilities to those roles, and dealing with the project from a get worse level. Workflow keeps typically the project deliverables on track, and maybe this level of visibility might enable them to maintain control, without needing to resort to the Dark Side being the only means of clairvoyance.

Management: Let’s be honest – even The Disposition could’ve used a strong management system. Given the pure size of the Death Celebrity, with the thousands of “employees” which worked there, there might have been tens of thousands of records that could need to be controlled – Function Instructions, Job Descriptions, Methods, Floor Plans, and the like. You will think that with this “technological terror” The Empire constructed, there is a secure Document Management System available.

Then how did a smaller droid like R2-D2 select into the network and surely could download the Death Legend plans like it was a place walk in the park? I guess it is that The Empire, in all its wonder, was using a file technique to store documents. If Prestige would have used a Contract Control system like individuals in a Quality Management System, the usage of these specifically sensitive docs would have been limited to those that had the proper access to legal rights. Furthermore, document control may limit the details of specific fields within the data, to ensure that no sensitive data is actually accessed.

Employee Training Program: Without proper employee training, many organizations run the chance of Quality incidents, Safety occurrences, and other risks to the company. It appears to me that The Disposition was not tracking training in the centralized system. If they had been, then they would have been able to find out that nearly 80% of the Stormtroopers in The Empire were not able to hit a target that has a blaster if their lives are in it (and it often did). Or maybe they would have found the fact that their patrol processes clearly miss security removes – Like 80 yr old Jedis skulking around the tractor beam.

Proper training techniques enable managers to see awareness into not only who is skilled, but also how well they can be trained and whether measures need to be taken to update teaching records for poor overall performance.

Supplier Management and Provider Rating: Let’s face this – The Empire required contracted out to build this particular Death Star. All the elements that go into building a completed product rely on suppliers as well as contractors to help complete the procedure. When watching the movie, we know that the Rebels found some weaknesses in the design of the Demise Star (thanks to the poor document management system). If The Prestige would have had a timely inspection and rating technique, they would have been able to look at that access port, and mail out a Corrective Action on the knuckleheads who thought placing direct access to the Death Legend core was a good idea.

non-conformance, Audits and Corrective along with Preventive Action: Let’s stay with this, then. Obviously, we understand that the Death Star possessed a defect. It was just in the final hour does The Empire realize the risk, and by that point, it was very late. If they had a quality system in place, they might have found this flaw, whether or not through regular space Audits (or at the very least a Review through tremors in the Force), or a non-conformance when the problem was installed, and released a Corrective Action to correct the problem. Clearly, Quality required a backseat to their overconfidence, as well as ultimately resulting in, well… you understand the rest.

Management Review as well as Reporting: As I said before, the main project managers used to dread as their primary motivator, along with seldom relying on the files to help them with Quality. From the movie, you see the representatives of the Death Star using a conference room, and not one to produced a report – If they happen to have a robust reporting system that collects quality data via all areas of the Death Legend, and rolls these files up to help determine the best risks and top quality troubles, then maybe that appointment would have gone differently.

Maybe if that poor person had shown Darth Vader his latest Quality Review, he wouldn’t have obtained the old “force choke” from your Dark Lord of The Sith. Having a top-level reporting method that presents the Quality Method challenges in a single view could have mitigated their risks.

Threat Assessment: I think that possibly the Empire took many hazards when going about this complete Death Star thing. Does performed Tarkin assess the risk of testing the Death Star with Leia’s home world? Has Darth Vader assessed the likelihood of letting the Rebels get away from the Death Star options? Did they assess the possibility when they underestimated the rebel’s chances of destroying the Passing away Star? In any system, you have to incorporate risk into the operations, whether Quality or very similar system.

If The Empire can have perhaps weighed the extent and likelihood of the risks regarding their actions, perhaps we’d have seen a different outcome of the situation. Risk Assessment, especially in a top quality Management system, allows managers to be able to filter out critical events, prepare better decisions on how to deal with them, and then ultimately the particular mitigate the risk of recurrence.

Naturally, we know that if The Contr? le followed these rules regarding Quality Management, we would not have had the story that makes Superstar Wars so great. But it might be fun to imagine, “What when? ” and see how existence would have been if as opposed to Darth Vader, we had Darth Deming.

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