What is the Best Summary of a Passage?


Summary is the concise version of an original text, often as short as one paragraph or as lengthy as an entire essay.

A strong summary should include the original passage’s main ideas and supporting evidence, with appropriate transition words used to connect ideas.

A. More Americans need to visit the nation’s national parks.

As national parks face budget cuts, it has become more essential than ever that people visit them and share the stories they tell. National parks provide unparalleled natural, historical, and cultural heritage and deserve to be enjoyed by all Americans regardless of economic standing.

In the early twentieth century, national parks as an extension of national identity emerged as a response to evolving intellectual, social, and cultural trends: increasing appreciation of nature and wildlife, the desire to escape urban environments caused by industrialization, and automobile use becoming widespread.

National parks were created to preserve some of America’s most breathtaking and picturesque landscapes for future generations to enjoy, learn from, and be inspired by. Now iconic symbols of our nation’s identity and pride among its citizens, these national parks serve as sources of immense pride for citizens worldwide.

As national parks become more and more popular, more people are visiting. Unfortunately, this influx has led to problems such as overcrowding, littering, and vandalism; as a result, the National Park Service has had to restrict visitor access in certain areas to prevent overcrowding and protect the natural resources of these unique places.

National Park Service officials have also struggled with increasing trash from park visitors. As such, more trash bins must be provided within each park, and education programs must occur regarding how visitors can reduce waste production.

There is still much work to be done in ensuring America’s national parks remain accessible and available to all Americans, and The National Parks Foundation is working tirelessly to raise awareness about their significance, drawing more visitors into these beautiful spaces. Through “Parks for All,” this organization encourages visitors to their local and national parks to share their experience – the contest runs until February 28, with one lucky winner receiving a $10,000 prize!

B. The United States’ national parks are genuinely unique worldwide.

Summary writing restates another writer’s ideas without making value judgments to help readers easily remember key points from passages. An ideal summary should be concise yet precise and cover approximately 1/4 to 1/3 of its original length.

When writing a summary, it is essential to remember who will be reading it. For instance, keeping this particular readership in mind when writing for history class would be critical. A brief and direct summary would serve well here.

United States national parks are genuinely remarkable treasures that should be preserved for future generations. Not only are they great places to visit, but they also serve as an incredible reminder of Earth’s beauty. Furthermore, national parks provide invaluable historical knowledge. Finally, national parks represent a priceless treasure that should be protected. To do this, more Americans should visit them. This will ensure their presence.

C. The national parks of the United States are a great place to visit.

National parks offer something for everyone – whether you want to drive slowly past herds of bison or climb towering mountain peaks, and visitor numbers have now returned (if not exceeded) pre-pandemic levels.

American national parks are an innovation born of contemporary intellectual and social changes, including an increased appreciation of wildlife and nature, a desire to escape industrialization’s increasingly urbanized landscapes, and automobile travel becoming more widely accessible.

The National Park Service has designated many beautiful landscapes and significant cultural sites as national parks to preserve them for future generations. Furthermore, national parks provide recreational and educational opportunities and a fantastic way to experience nature first-hand. If you want an unforgettable vacation experience, visiting one of these national parks should undoubtedly be on your itinerary – trust me; you won’t regret it and may want to return!

D. The national parks of the United States are a great place to visit.

United States national parks were an expression of intellectual, social, and economic shifts in America. People became more aware of wilderness areas’ beauty and value, thus creating the desire to preserve scenic landscapes and historic and cultural landmarks for future generations.

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