What to Watch on Starz


If you want to watch original TV shows or movies, Starz is the place for you. The network offers both multiplex channels and streaming services. You can watch movies and shows in 4K, too. Here are a few of the things you can watch on Starz. These are all original television shows and movies that you can watch online, on your TV or on your phone.

Starz has original TV content

Despite its name, Starz is more than just a streaming service. The network offers an extensive library of high quality original TV shows. Starz subscribers can watch over one hundred series per month. The monthly fee is $9, and there’s a seven-day free trial. You can also get Starz through other live-TV streaming services, such as Amazon Prime Channels and Apple TV.

The network is owned by Lions Gate Entertainment. Its content is an eclectic mix of original shows and licensed TV shows. Its original TV shows have received critical acclaim. While Starz has a smaller subscriber base than its rivals, it has a backlog of more than one thousand films. Its shows are widely regarded as some of the best made.

It has multiplex channels

Starz is a multichannel television network that broadcasts original movies and television shows. The network offers more than 12 multiplex channels, including six 24-hour channels and one subscription video-on-demand service. The network’s broadcasts are timed to reflect the Eastern and Pacific time zones. Most cable providers offer both east and west coast feeds of each major Starz channel. The difference in local airtimes is as much as three hours.

The company started by acquiring rights to first-run and recent movies from Disney and Universal. They then created the first Starz channel in 1994 and began selling it on TCI cable systems.

It has a streaming service

When it comes to streaming services, there are many options available to you. You can subscribe to Starz’s streaming service through their website, and you can choose which movies and TV shows you would like to watch. The main website of Starz has a standard movie streaming network interface with tabs for movies, TV shows, and series. You can browse movies by genre, select parental controls, and see the release date. The website also displays information about the cast and crew of each film.

Starz’s library includes award-winning films and Hollywood blockbusters. The service features a range of genres, including comedies, action, and western films. It also offers a selection of classics and documentary films.

It has 4K support

Starz has announced plans to support 4K on its streaming service. This will allow subscribers to watch their favourite content in ultra-high resolution. In the future, the service will be able to upgrade to HDR. In the meantime, it is supplying some 4K content to a select group of viewers. These users can watch Starz on their Samsung TVs with the Comcast 4K app. However, the company is still cautious about expanding its 4K content distribution.

The streaming service offers a variety of movies and series, some of which are available in 4K. You can subscribe to Starz for $8.99 per month. Many of the popular series, including American Gods, are now available in 4K. You can even watch some 4K shows that are not currently available on other platforms.

It has movies

Starz is a cable channel where viewers can find a wide variety of genres of movies. The library of films includes award-winning films and Hollywood blockbusters. Some of the films are based on classic characters. For instance, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Far from Home, starring Tom Holland as Peter Parker, follows him on a European trip with his classmates. However, a deadly threat turns Peter’s holiday into a nightmare.

In addition to Hollywood blockbusters, Starz offers movies and original series that have received positive reviews. The channel also offers award-winning movies, classics, Binge-worthy series, Throwback Cartoons, and Westerns. Its library includes a large number of films, which is larger than the libraries of HBO Max and Showtime combined.

It has comedy series

For those who enjoy a lighter tone, Starz has several comedy series starring famous comedians. From Stephen Amell and Alexander Ludwig to Jane Lynch and Adam Scott, there is something for everyone on the network’s lineup of comedy series. The network is also making a strong push into original programming.

The network is developing a comedy series based on the life of actor Marlon Wayans, which will feature Wayans as a fictionalized version of himself. The show will be produced by Warner Bros. Television, with Riddle and Salahuddin serving as showrunners. Marlon Wayans and Michael Rotenberg will executive produce.