Word Processors For Writers


A word processor is an essential tool for any writer. Word processors are used in all facets of the writing process, from typing up the first draft to final proofreading. Whether you prefer a desktop application or a web-based service, there are several options available. You should consider a variety of factors before making a decision on which software to use, including cost, ease of use, and compatibility.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is one of the most popular word processors available on the market today. It’s a very versatile application, and has earned a reputable name for its flexibility and ability to handle a wide variety of documents.

The word processor is used to write, edit, and format documents, such as letters, resumes, and reports. You can even use it to create an electronic daily or weekly journal.

Word has a tabbed interface, which contains a number of different tools. These include the main document window, a table of contents, spell check, and footnotes.

The Word tab is particularly helpful for writing books. This allows you to add margins, a caption, a word count, and a bibliography. In addition, you can add a translation.

Word has a unique feature, which allows you to preview the printed copy. This is very useful for evaluating your work before you send it off.

When you first start Word, you’ll see a blank sheet of paper. To edit this sheet, you can adjust the scale and fonts.

iA writer

The IA writer is not your standard word processor. It’s an extremely simple text editor with little distractions, a few features, and a clean interface. While the app may be limited, it’s a good choice for writers on the go.

Unlike Microsoft’s Office, iA Writer offers an on-screen keyboard for a distraction-free writing experience. However, it doesn’t offer any of the other standard keyboard shortcuts. For instance, if you want to insert a hyphen, you have to open the context menu and select “Insert hyphen”.

iA Writer uses Markdown, a lightweight markup language, to allow for easy formatting. It also helps simplify importing text into different cloud programs.

Another cool feature is the Quick Search bar. You can use it to perform actions such as search, preview, and rename your files. And you can even publish your documents directly to Medium.

Another unique feature is the Typewriter Mode. When you’re typing, iA Writer rolls up the text as you type. This can save you a lot of time.


ProWritingAid is a professional writer’s editing software that improves writing style, helps you avoid cliches, and eliminates mistakes. The software is built around seasoned copy editors’ experience. It provides comprehensive reports that analyze the readability of your text. You can even create your own writing rules.

ProWritingAid includes a browser extension and desktop application. Both of these are integrated with Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and other popular online services. But for a complete package, you’ll need to pay for the full version.

While the free version of ProWritingAid has plenty of features, the Premium version offers more. With the premium version, you’ll get style and grammar checks in real time, spelling and grammar checks, and custom word choices. Plus, you’ll get suggestions, explanations, and one-click resolutions.

ProWritingAid’s Word Explorer features a user-friendly interface and shows synonyms, antonyms, usages, and definitions of the word you’re searching. The tool also helps you identify common errors like passive voice and cliches.


If you are looking for a good word processor for your Mac, you might want to try Ulysses. It offers a variety of advanced features to help you complete your writing projects. This app also has a simple UI that helps you to quickly write.

Ulysses can be used by any writer, no matter your skill level. The software has tools for writing, editing, and managing documents. There are also tools for publishing your work.

While the app is designed for Apple users, it supports exporting to other formats. Users can also preview a document before submitting it. Another advantage of the application is that it supports synchronization across different devices.

Ulysses supports Markdown, which makes it easy to insert images and hyperlinks into your document. You can also use hashtags to turn lines into headings. Aside from this, you can set up a word count goal and track your writing productivity.