Affiliate Marketing Websites You Can Use to Drive Traffic to Your Website


Whether you are new to affiliate marketing or are an experienced marketer, there are many websites you can use to drive traffic to your business. You just need to know how to find the right sites to promote and what to say about them.

PC Part Picker

Whether you’re a computer enthusiast or just want to build a new PC, you’ll be glad to know that there’s a site that can help you choose the best computer parts. It’s called PC Part Picker. It’s a site that allows you to choose a set of components and then compare the prices and compatibility of the parts you choose.

Using PCPartPicker, you can build a custom PC by identifying the parts you need and then comparing the prices and compatibility of the parts. You can also browse through pre-made part lists to find the right parts for your system. You can then narrow your search by selecting the component type you want to use.

Gear Hungry

Among the many affiliate marketing websites, Gear Hungry stands out for its clean and minimalist design, along with its focus on content. The site offers a number of engaging blog posts, as well as detailed reviews of household products. The website also promotes several affiliate offers including Amazon, Refersion, ConsumerJunction, and Skimlinks.

The website also offers a newsletter, which features a CTA to sign up. The site uses a consistent format for its blog posts, which allows for faster and easier content creation. The site is part of the Amazon Associates Program, which means that it earns commissions for sales made through its affiliate links.


Founded by Tim Chen and Jacob Gibson in 2009, Nerdwallet has been a successful financial affiliate website. They offer a variety of financial tools and reviews, along with expert advice on mortgages, credit cards, and saving money.

NerdWallet focuses on quality content. They regularly update their major pages and use content marketing strategies to attract visitors. They also have an excellent comparison tool, which helps visitors choose the best product for them.

The NerdWallet model is a great way to build passive income. It requires accurate content and genuine connections with companies. But don’t expect it to bring you instant gratification. It’s also important to be consistent in your efforts and to make sure that your readers are getting value from what they’re reading.


Whether you’re a travel blogger, content creator, or website owner, you can start monetizing your traffic with the Skyscanner affiliate marketing program. Using this affiliate program, you can promote Skyscanner’s website, receive regular promotions and earn commissions for each booking made. Besides, you can also build widgets or custom search functionality for your site. Moreover, you can receive customizable affiliate referral links.

The Skyscanner affiliate marketing program works on a 50% revenue share model, wherein you will be paid 50% of the amount that is generated by Skyscanner for each booking. You will get your commission from a variety of hotel, motel, and accommodation bookings, as well as restaurants. You can choose the type of traffic you wish to send to Skyscanner and the number of times you want to promote it.

Build trust

Adding trust signals to your eCommerce site is an important part of building consumer confidence. Among the trust indicators that you can add are the phone number, email address, and even a comparison table. It’s important to choose which ones you should use.

It’s also a good idea to display a variety of information, including product reviews and ratings, as well as comparison tables. These will help your readers make an informed decision and increase your conversion rate.

In addition, you should include a “why you should trust us” section. This may include credentials, such as team members, an affiliation with a larger brand, and research done on the topic.