Precision Plumbing and Heating


Precision has comfort advisors available who can provide free estimates for new systems that could save your family money in energy costs over time.

Bob and the entire staff pride themselves on integrity, professionalism, innovation, and experience – qualities that help form lasting relationships with every customer they encounter.


No matter the scale or scope of your plumbing job, Precision Plumbing has the skills and experience to complete it successfully. They are renowned for their fast, courteous service at competitive rates. Chris, their plumber, has earned praise from neighbors for being responsive and personable and fixing additional issues free of charge, too! Their services come backed by warranties and guarantees, and they are fully licensed and insured.


Customers rely on this plumbing company for the installation or repair of furnaces, boilers, and water heaters. Their plumbers are known for their responsiveness, cleanliness, and reasonable rates – often taking on additional issues without extra fees – and are highly commended by neighbors and earn 5-star ratings on social media. Furthermore, this fully licensed and insured firm provides round-the-clock emergency services as well as financing solutions.

Air Conditioning

Precision air conditioning (AC) systems differ from traditional AC in that they focus on temperature and humidity regulation for critical environments like data centers. Such AC typically features dual compressors and power supplies to ensure redundancy and high levels of availability; some systems even interconnect to create an integrated thermal management system.

Cooling systems in computer rooms may include free cooling, chilled water, or refrigerants. Free cooling uses air conditioners to release excess heat directly from IT equipment into ambient air; Chilled Water PAC units such as Vertiv Liebert’s zero-footprint CW system provide cooling for larger data centers connected to an on-site plant; for smaller spaces or high-rise buildings where air cannot be exhausted directly outside a ceiling-mounted system is an alternative – Vertiv Liebert PCW ceiling mounted cooling is another possibility.

Electrical room precision air conditioners are widely utilized in environments such as data rooms, program-controlled switch products, large medical equipment, satellite mobile communication stations, and precision electronic instrument production workshops that have stringent temperature, humidity, cleanliness, and airflow distribution needs. Such environments have specific temperature, humidity, and cleanliness requirements, which must be met 24/7 throughout the year with excellent maintainability, assembly flexibility, and reliability, even under adverse weather conditions or harsh environments. Specialized room precision air conditioning units meet these demands effectively with superior maintainability features for easy assembly & disassembly flexibility & high reliability even under all these extremes of weather or harsh environments!

New Construction

No matter whether you are building your dream home from scratch or replacing old plumbing fixtures and appliances, selecting a fully licensed and insured plumbing company is vitally important. Reliable licensed plumbers tend to be more affordable than unlicensed or uninsured ones, and they must keep abreast of local regulations and guidelines so as to help avoid costly mistakes when it comes to new construction. Plus, they provide professional advice regarding materials that would best fit in with the aesthetic of your new residence! You can quickly locate a highly-rated local company by reading online reviews or visiting the websites of such companies!

Customers rave about their friendly and knowledgeable staff, who work quickly and efficiently while leaving a clean space behind them. Furthermore, customers praise them for being responsive and offering reasonable rates.