Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale


Barbie has had a difficult time recently: her boss fired her, Ken dumped her, and her aunt’s fashion house closed down. To escape reality and perhaps find inspiration, she heads off to Paris with Sequin for fun and adventure.

There, she meets Alice – who quickly becomes her shy assistant – and discovers a magical wardrobe filled with three charming fairies: Shine, Shimmer, and Glimmer. They use their sparkly magic to help refine Alice’s designs and save the fashion house.

Barbie’s Aunt Millicent’s Fashion House Is About to Go Out of Business

Barbie travels to Paris after being fired from her movie role and seeing her story sold by celebrity gossip blogs to visit Millicent, her fashion-savvy aunt who owns an established fashion house but now faces closing its doors forever. When she arrives there, she discovers that its success may soon end due to changing times for fashion houses in Paris, and her aunt Millicent is about to declare bankruptcy!

Fashion has lost its luster among the general population, and even Millicent doesn’t have the energy to push her designs further. This displeases Marie-Alice, a talented designer in her own right who wants to save Millicent’s business.

Barbie finds inspiration in Millicent’s work and dress designs she sees at runway fashion shows. Later she learns of magical fairies–creatures that add sparkly flares and color to designers who inspire them–who add their unique magic. Barbie, Alice, and Millicent quickly realize they must create new clothing lines to save fashion houses and fairies from bankruptcy.

Diana Kaarina gives voice to Barbie, a sixteen-year-old girl who exudes optimism and friendliness while being highly intelligent and caring – the ideal role model for young girls everywhere.

In this animated fantasy, Barbie and Sequin travel to Paris to visit her fashion-savvy aunt. When they arrive, Barbie is shocked to learn that her once-famous boutique may close its doors forever. Soon after that, she meets Marie-Alice from her aunt’s shop assistant team; soon after that, they form a friendship and discover a legend about three enchanting fairies who help those they inspire – together, they work towards producing a brand new clothing line as well as staging a spectacular fashion show for guests to witness.

This animated film from the Barbie franchise emphasizes that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams, especially those related to fashion design. A thrilling, inspiring, and enjoyable story for girls of all ages. Its 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen transfer displays gorgeous eye-popping color. At the same time, its Dolby Digital English 5.1 audio mix stands out due to no hiss or separation effects for back and side speakers – while extras include behind-the-scenes features on production, deleted scenes, and more!

Barbie’s Aunt Millicent Needs Her Help

After Barbie is fired from her acting job and Ken breaks up with her over the phone, she travels to Paris in search of Millicent, her fashion-designing aunt whose fashion house is near bankruptcy and needs help saving it from going under.

As soon as she arrives, she meets Alice, her aunt’s assistant from France, who reveals a hidden element to her designs: Fairies are magical creatures summoned by the aunt for use in fashion house designs; these Flairies give their magic and refine them further. If the fashion house were ever destroyed, they would lose all power.

Alice and Barbie must complete a ritual to summon the Flairies, magical creatures who appear and instruct them to design new dresses for an upcoming fashion show that will attract more clients. While working on new designs, Barbie and Alice need someone to showcase them – Lilliana Roxelle from France is an ideal candidate.

This film introduces three of Barbie’s friends: Nikki, Teresa, and Grace. Although these characters have previously made appearances in other films, this marks their official introduction. Prior films only referred to them by nickname: the sassy but snobby Nikki, the practical but mature Teresa, and the dainty yet affectionate Grace.

The film does an adequate job of introducing characters and making them seem familiar. The writers intended for us to understand who these girls are as individuals and why they act this way; the dialogue is clever, and the characters feel fully realized.

Barbie Discovers Three Enchanting Fairies with Sparkle-Magic Powers

In this film, Barbie travels to Paris with Sequin the Poodle to find that her aunt’s fashion house is closing. However, she doesn’t expect to meet three magical Flairies named Shimmer, Glimmer, and Shine, who use their sparkle-magic powers to refine and perfect clothing designs for anyone they touch; just what the fashion house needs to survive and thrive!

As the Flairies work their magic, they help Barbie trust her style and become a more confident designer. She soon has an astounding array of new outfits that far surpass anything she could have dreamed of before being asked to assist in the preparations for a high-fashion runway fashion show featuring these new looks. This event proves that these girls do know fashion magic!

Mattel’s in-house production company, Barbie Entertainment, launched the film series with preexisting stories/tales adaptations before Canadian studio Mainframe Entertainment began creating original plotlines. Later on, Mattel would switch over to using Artisan Entertainment instead.

This animated feature marks the tenth entry into the Barbie film series and stars Barbie as Lumina, an aquatic princess-turned-mermaid in Seagundia who can transform her colors and dance like no other mermaid in Seagundia. Invited to attend a royal ball with Laverna trying to take over, she must put aside their differences and work with her friends to save Seagundia from falling under Laverna’s control and save her kingdom through dance!

Though Mattel has produced some quality animation in its films, some of its charm has been lost with this latest installment. Barbie seems more simplistic and shallow in her descriptions of things such as being “wickedly mindblowing,” “mega huge,” and “beyond ridonkulously amazing.” And sometimes, too much cutesy content makes for an overly cutesy experience; However, watching Barbie laugh with her poodle companion and create her fashion ensemble is entertaining enough but insufficient to compensate for an overall lack of substance in its storytelling.

Barbie Helps Millicent Create a Dazzling Runway Fashion Show

In 1959, Barbie burst upon the American toy scene with her iconic bathing suit of black-and-white stripes, pouty red lips, and a sassy blonde ponytail. Beloved plaything of generations past and present alike, Barbie was designed by Ruth Handler and Elliot Handler of Mattel Inc – co-founders of Mattel Inc and the first line to include female toys; but not until 1956 was mass-produced Barbie introduced – her realistic adult features making her stand out among its paper doll counterparts alongside paper dolls of girls and boys that continues today!

Barbie arrives in Paris only to learn that her aunt Millicent’s fashion house may soon close forever. With her help and Alice, her aunt’s assistant, they work through the night on creating beautiful dresses that will feature in a fashion show that night.

After Jacqueline and Delphine abduct the Flairies for fashion shows by competing fashion designers Jacqueline and Delphine, all seems lost – until Alice suggests they could regain their magic by creating new dresses to sell at fashion shows. Alecia’s designs enthrall her followers; her radiant appearance enlivens every fashion show they participate in!

Once the show has ended, Jacqueline apologizes and agrees to work together again sometime in the future. Paris’ top fashion critic Lilliana Roxelle compliments them on their spectacular display and invites them to her party; on their journey home, Barbie realizes she isn’t as alone after all.

Barbie is a modern fairytale that inspires us all to discover our inner sparkle and never give up on our dreams. The film is an exhilarating and magical journey that will delight young girls everywhere and offer plenty of entertainment for the entire family – not to mention receiving excellent reviews from critics and audiences alike! Don’t wait; see it now in cinemas to find your inner sparkle! c 2010 Mattel Inc. All Rights Reserved.