Converse – One Piece Sneakers


Converse will soon release a pair of shoes inspired by Eiichiro Oda’s popular manga One Piece. These high-tops will feature images of Luffy’s Straw Hat Pirates all over and will be released this August in Japan. We have the Best information about the One Piece Shoes.

Sky High Farm Workwear’s sneaker enthusiasts have joined forces with Converse for this unique collaboration to support their non-profit organization, Sky High Farm Workcare Japan Inc. When released for sale later this fall, the crossover shoe will retail for 9,000 yen (approximately $81).


The Converse All-Star sneaker boasts an extensive history. Worn by numerous subcultures and fashion movements alike and featured prominently in popular culture (including the Back to the Future movie), its presence can be felt everywhere, from subcultural gatherings to movie sets and popular culture references such as the Back to the Future film. Today, it remains one of the most beloved sneaker styles ever produced and worn.

According to an analysis conducted by the online reselling site StockX, Converse shoes are among the world’s most traded sneakers. Their widespread appeal has resulted in many new styles and variations, yet the original design remains relatively untouched—an easy-to-wear classic sneaker with cotton canvas uppers and rubber soles, comfortable for most.

Converse’s All-Star tradition may make them iconic, yet their sustainability measures leave much to be desired. Due to the company’s limited transparency, it is difficult to know exactly what goes into producing Converse shoes; however, Converse is making strides to increase sustainability with programs such as Converse Renew, which utilizes old scraps and knit fabrics usually discarded to create new shoes. Converse also offers customers the recycling of old pairs at selected stores.

The company is also working to reduce the use of chemicals in its sneaker production process. They must meet the ZDHC MRSL Manufacturing Restricted Substance List, which lists hundreds of chemicals they cannot release into our water system – these include solvents, dyes, and heavy metals.

Although Converse Shoes strives to improve its sustainability, it remains challenging to measure its impact on the environment. The cotton used to produce the shoes must be grown and harvested, which may harm soil health and the ecosystem. Furthermore, synthetic rubber may take an extended period before decomposing completely.

These shoes also contain small quantities of felt, which is less eco-friendly than rubber. Commonly made from wool, felt can also be made using animal fur or, for cheaper prices, acrylic, acrylonitrile, or rayon materials.


Converse has long made its mark in sneaker culture. Although no longer used by professional basketball, its iconic Chuck Taylor All-Star silhouette remains popular with musicians, artists, subcultures, and everyday people looking for simple styles with an edge. Boasting a high-quality canvas upper and a rubber sole, as well as its classic white colorway, which sets it apart among other sneakers; plus, featuring an ankle patch with a circular logo emblem, its simple construction has even become synonymous with skateboarding culture, which makes the shoe an icon of skate culture itself.

The shoe’s toebox is small and pointy, ensuring maximum contact between the skateboard and the shoe during skateboarding. This feature makes it excellent for flipping and grinding, as well as other forms of skating. Plus, its thick Nike Lunarlon cushioning offers ample support during long days on the board while being resilient enough to handle hard landings—this shoe makes an excellent choice for skaters looking for comfort at an affordable price.

Converse and Eiichiro Oda’s popular manga series One Piece have collaborated on an exciting project that fans of Oda’s manga are sure to appreciate. The high-top sneakers feature characters from One Piece and will be available this August in Japan for 9,000 yen (about $81) before shipping and handling charges apply.

One-piece-themed sneakers are an easy and fun way to show your enthusiasm for the show. They make ideal presents for friends and family who also follow it. Available in various sizes, these stylish kicks can also serve as a way to show your support for this anime classic!

Converse’s online store offers an expansive selection of shoes and clothing for both men and women. It features various sizing options, a secure checkout process, and free shipping for orders of $75 or more; this offer does not apply to international orders, however.


Converse, an iconic American footwear brand, recently celebrated its centennial this year, and Japanese One Piece manga fans will be delighted to hear they are teaming up with Eiichiro Oda’s popular series for limited-edition sneakers featuring images from Straw Hat Pirates on their uppers – just like Eiichiro Oda’s manga! Set for release this August, these unique sneakers will retail for 9,000 yen or approximately USD 81 and retail as high-tops.

The One Piece sneakers are not the first collaboration between these brands; earlier this year, they released a Mickey Mouse Surfin Hi colorway featuring images from the One Piece manga series. Furthermore, an additional sneaker featuring Shogakukan Library may also be released in due course.

One Piece is an immensely popular Japanese manga series, and these sneakers will undoubtedly appeal to its international fanbase. They come in multicolored and monochrome color options to suit fans’ individual styles.

No matter if it’s for a comic convention or to show your devotion to manga on the street, these One Piece kicks make the ideal sneakers to show your pride for manga in style. Boasting eye-catching rainbow details and white soles, these stylish yet durable sneakers make an outstanding statement of fandom about this popular series! Pair it with a matching t-shirt for an eye-catching ensemble look.


Converse is offering several styles of One Piece shoes to meet every fan’s need, in different colors and prints for men, women, and children alike. Some feature images from the Straw Hat Pirates while others may be more subdued – these footwear options are both online and at retail store purchases, making an excellent gift option!

Converse Japan joins forces with Eiichiro Oda’s popular manga series to commemorate their 100th anniversary and present fans with unique high-top sneakers featuring collage prints featuring many characters from Luffy’s Straw Hat Pirates saga. Set for release this August, these special high-tops will cost around 9,000 yen before shipping and handling fees are applied.

Converse’s One Piece shoes feature realistic images of the Straw Hat Pirates and make great presents for fans of this mega-franchise. Not only can these unique and thoughtful shoes be used during cosplay and anime shows, but they’re great additions for theme parties or other special events as they are custom-made specifically for each wearer. Thus, they are truly one-of-a-kind presents that cannot be returned or exchanged, making them truly one-of-a-kind presents to share.