Best Property Lawyers in Portland


If you are in the market to buy or sell property, consulting with a skilled and knowledgeable real estate attorney is essential. There are numerous issues that could arise during the acquisition process.

Retaining a Portland real estate lawyer is essential for protecting your legal rights and interests during the process. They also offer assistance with documenting, negotiating, and closing real estate deals.

Residential Real Estate Lawyer

If you are planning on buying or selling a home, consulting with a residential real estate lawyer in Portland is recommended. These experienced professionals can guide you through the legal process and protect against making costly errors that could potentially undermine your investments.

Property owners likely have many queries regarding contracts, title searches, zoning considerations and more. A reliable real estate lawyer in Portland can assist you with understanding the essential details and guiding you through the paperwork.

When it comes to buying or selling a house, hiring a residential real estate lawyer in Portland is one of the best investments you can make. They will assist you with negotiating the most advantageous deal, crafting strong contracts that guarantee smooth sailing throughout the process – ultimately giving you peace of mind that everything will go as planned.

Commercial Real Estate Lawyer

If you’re purchasing or selling commercial property in Portland, Oregon, an experienced real estate lawyer is essential. They’ll guide you through the legal process and protect your interests, helping to avoid potential issues from becoming more serious.

Attorneys practicing commercial real estate often draft contracts on behalf of realtors, mortgage companies and buyers/sellers. They guarantee the documents reflect their clients’ best interests and ensure all parties understand what they’re agreeing to.

Lawyers not only draft real estate contracts, but they also assist clients with other aspects of property ownership. This includes resolving problems involving titles, easements and liens.

Dave Hepler is a Portland-based commercial real estate lawyer who assists his clients in purchasing and selling office towers, shopping centers, industrial/warehouse facilities, bare land and ranches. Additionally, he has experience assisting start-up and mom-and-pop businesses on smaller deals. With over 20 years of practice in real estate law in Oregon and Washington as well as handling business disputes related to environmental protection, construction issues, insurance claims – Dave has it all!

Landlord/Tenant Lawyer

No matter if you are a commercial or residential landlord, your legal relationship with your tenants must be safeguarded. Our Portland property lawyers understand the state and local laws that govern this arrangement.

Landlord/Tenant Lawyers provide legal support to both residential and commercial landlords with a range of issues. They specialize in drafting rental agreements, reviewing ordinance violations, disputes regarding tenant rights, eviction proceedings and more.

Rent increases are a common worry for renters in Portland and beyond, though there is usually no cap to how much your landlord can raise your rent; they just need to provide you with adequate notice beforehand.

If your home or apartment becomes uninhabitable due to flood, fire or another emergency, you have the right to live elsewhere. This may entail paying for a hotel or motel room.

With the assistance of an Oregon landlord/tenant lawyer, you can file a lawsuit to receive compensation for your damages. In doing so, they will cover both attorney’s fees and other associated costs if your case is successful.

Real Estate Litigation Lawyer

A real estate lawyer can be an invaluable ally when purchasing or selling property. Not only will they assist with contract negotiations, document preparation, escrow review and closing documents – they may even do some of these tasks for you!

The top property lawyers in Portland also represent clients in legal disputes that escalate to litigation. These typically involve breaches of contract, or when one party fails to abide by the terms of a real estate contract.

Typically, parties who have suffered due to a breach of contract can bring legal action in order to require the other party to fulfill its obligations under the agreement.

Often, this can be avoided if the parties involved in the transaction seek legal counsel and who can identify any potential red flags in the contract before they sign. They then negotiate with each other to find a solution that doesn’t lead to litigation.