Best Property Lawyers


If you are purchasing or selling a home or property, or involved in a dispute over real estate, a qualified lawyer is essential. To make sure your legal rights are safeguarded, contact the top property lawyers in Nashville today.

Gullett Sanford Robinson & Martin (GSRM) offer their clients knowledgeable and practical representation in a range of matters. Their practice encompasses business and commercial law, tax, real estate development and land use planning.


When buying or selling a home, having an experienced real estate attorney on board is the best way to guarantee you make informed decisions that protect your interests. These professionals can review contracts, resolve transaction disputes, and save both time and money in the process.

They’ll also assist you in making informed investments by understanding the market and zoning laws. With this insight, you can stay ahead of the competition and make well-informed purchases that maximize your returns on investment.

Real estate attorneys in Nashville can guide you through every step of the process, from contract negotiations to closing escrow. If necessary, they may even represent your interests in court if needed. When buying or selling property, finding an experienced real estate lawyer in Nashville is essential for protecting your rights and ensuring everything runs smoothly.


Property lawyers in Nashville are well-versed in the intricacies of real estate litigation. They comprehend the intricate nature of property transfer and can guide you through various legal issues, such as construction defects or mechanic’s liens.

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Rochford Law & Real Estate Title in Nashville offers comprehensive legal and real estate services for commercial, residential, and industrial properties. Their lawyers possess extensive expertise to serve their clients with even the most complex transactions. Get in touch to find out how they can meet your business needs. When searching for property lawyers in Nashville that have extensive knowledge and dedication to their clients’ success, Rochford Law & Real Estate Title should be your go-to choice – they guarantee success!


Property lawyers in Nashville offer invaluable services to aid buyers, sellers and owners manage complex real estate matters. They review documents, decipher contract language and protect their clients’ assets to guarantee they receive a fair deal.

Costs for real estate transactions differ based on the type and role of an attorney. Smaller commercial deals may only need basic contract drafting or review, while more intricate cases involving title issues, negotiations, or minor disputes usually incur higher fees.

Tennessee typically charges between 1.26% and 1.9% of the purchase price for real estate closing costs. These fees include owner’s title insurance, recording fees and taxes, as well as property taxes.

Other closing costs include loan origination fees and private mortgage insurance (PMI). Together, these add up to thousands of dollars on top of a home’s initial price.