Best Take Out Near Bhubaneswar


If you’re in the mood for Chinese food, you’re in luck. You can grab a bite at Silver streak, which specializes in Indianised Chinese. The food here is tasty, and they’ve developed a loyal following. You can also find a branch at Saheed Nagar.

Shiraz is a take-out restaurant in Bhubaneswar.

Shiraz is a Bhubaneswar take-out restaurant that specializes in Mughlai and Nawabi items. Its food is popular with locals and tourists alike. It’s also a meat lover’s dream, serving tandoori meat with skill. There is a large selection of delicious dishes, and the restaurant is typically busy on non-vegetarian days. Shiraz is famous for its super-fast service and super-tasty food.

Shiraz’s cuisine has a rich history. The first chef came from the family of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah. It’s a partnership that has continued through the years. Since then, the chefs have collaborated to accentuate their “Dum Pukht” cooking.

The original Shiraz opened in Calcutta in 1941. It specializes in Awadhi and Mughlai cuisine. The restaurant is located near the Mullick Bazaar Crossing in Bhubaneswar. It opened 79 years ago, but it’s still as popular today. Shiraz is the only restaurant in Kolkata with 100% brand recall. Almost 70% of city residents have sampled its food at some point.

Shiraz has several outlets. In addition to its flagship restaurant in Mullick Bazaar, there are ten other locations in the city and two outlets in Bhubaneswar.

Narula is a fine dining restaurant in Bhubaneswar.

The menu of Narula is extensive and priced reasonably. A two-course dinner here costs approximately INR 600. A delicious, outspread breakfast is also available. The ambiance is cozy and the service friendly. The famous shorts are a highlight on the buffet here. The all-day breakfast menu includes classic delicacies and a Patiala lassi, which brings much-needed refreshment in hot weather.

Narula’s family restaurant serves traditional Mughlai, North Indian, and Jain fare. It is located in an excellent location near the Bhubaneswar railway station. The menu is diverse and includes dishes like Malai Pomfret, Mutton Biryani, and more.

Guests can also try street food, including aloo chop, samosa, and Piya Ji. While there, be sure to sample the gula, a mouth-watering Indian sweet made of rice flour and sometimes semolina. The restaurant also serves a variety of chutneys, and the fried chilies will add another dimension to the taste of every bite.

Rajma Chawl is a popular combo dish.

Rajma Chawl is one of the most popular combo dishes in the city and is enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. While the traditional version contains large quantities of rice, it is not always the most nutritious option. To ensure optimal nutritional values, the combination should have a balance of rice and beans. In addition, you can make your meal even healthier by adding a side salad. To avoid becoming overly hungry, plan your meals for the day, incorporating various sources of protein and nutrients.

Bhubaneshwar is a culturally rich city; the food here is no exception. Its food culture is heavily influenced by the neighboring states of Bihar and West Bengal. In addition to delicious vegetarian cuisine, Bhubaneshwar also features a wide variety of non-vegetarian dishes.

Shala Ana Odia is a fine dining restaurant in Bhubaneswar

If you want a unique fine dining experience in Bhubaneswar, consider visiting Sohala Ana Odia. This restaurant serves traditional Bengali cuisine and has become popular among the Bengalis in the city. It is open for lunch and dinner and features a thali-style menu.

The décor in the restaurant is unique, and the staff is friendly. The food is delicious and presented well. But the menus are in Bengali, so if you are looking for authentic Odia food, you will have to search for a place that specializes in it. The food here is tasty and authentic, but the portions could be larger and the curries a bit more varied.

The restaurant is also known for its Chinese cuisine, with dishes prepared uniquely. Some of the popular dishes include the Chicken Khau-sey and Red Thai Curry. Another popular choice is Fusion Food. Some of the food here is very unique, such as Bara Burger, which is made from humble bara. Other popular dishes include Paan Sweet, Bara Chaat, and Chena Poda. The chefs here have managed to take the traditional Odia food and turn it into fine dining.

Silver streak is an Indianised Chinese restaurant in Bhubaneswar

If you’re looking for a good place to eat in Bhubaneswar with good food and friendly staff, try Silver Streak in Sahid Nagar. This restaurant offers Chinese dishes and is a good choice for those on a budget.

Silver streak is a popular restaurant for Chinese food. It’s also known for its affordable prices and friendly service. You can order your favorite drink to drink while you eat, too. This place has a very good location in Bhubaneswar, near Nicco Park, the only amusement park in the city. It’s popular among the city’s young population, who flock to the restaurant to enjoy the food and fun.

Whether you’re looking for a Chinese restaurant in Bhubaneswar, or just a craving for some spicy, tangy, or sweet dishes, this restaurant has you covered. The staff is friendly, and the menu is extensive. You can choose from various dishes, from prawns to salt-and-pepper chicken. You can also try a special dish called Devil’s chicken. It’s cooked with spinach and red chili.

Bhavana hotel serves home-style mutton curry.

Once renowned for serving the best mutton curry in Bhubaneswar, the Bhaina hotel changed its menu and began serving vegetarian food. Other big food joints were harassing the hotel’s owners, so they decided to change their menu. Today, they offer some of the best vegetarian food in the city.

The mutton was very tender, and the rice was cooked properly. The dal and saag were also excellent. The only downside to the mutton curry was that there was no potato in it. This was a disappointment for those who prefer potato-based dishes.

To make mutton curry faster, try using a food processor. This machine will chop onions and tomatoes and pressure-cook the ingredients. Adding dried fenugreek leaves will give the dish a smoky, earthy flavor. You can also use butter or ghee to enhance the dish’s flavor.

Another great place to eat mutton is Kishore’s Mutton Shop, which opened in 1991. This restaurant serves mutton and rice platters as a meal and is famous for its mutton curry. A half plate of this dish will cost you around Rs 150. The restaurant is located in Gajapati Nagar, Bhubaneswar. It’s open daily from noon to 10 pm, except for Mondays.

Bhavana hotel’s lassi is a must-try

Once known for serving the best mutton curry in Bhubaneswar, Bhaina hotel has recently turned vegetarian. The owners reportedly became irritated by large food joints harassing them, ultimately switching their menus to only serve vegetarian dishes. The hotel now serves some of the city’s best vegetarian food.

This classic North Indian restaurant on Sachivalaya Marg serves finger-licking food in a jungle-themed room. The food is delicious, and the ambiance is welcoming. In addition to the food, you can also enjoy hookahs and exotic mocktails in the bar. You can even take in live sports while enjoying a delicious meal.