Renting a Boat in Malta


Renting a boat in Malta is an enjoyable way to experience its beautiful island scenery, provided that you respect the environment by keeping your vessel clean. Furthermore, avoid dropping anchor on seagrass beds or discharging garbage overboard. The actual Interesting Info about sailing charters in Malta.

Be sure to bring along plenty of food and beverages, sunscreen, and hats when renting a boat.

Bareboat charters

Malta is an idyllic Mediterranean archipelago that provides plenty of boating and sightseeing opportunities. From its iconic Blue Grotto to the ancient temples of Gozo and Comino, there is so much to experience and see here.

Rental yachts provide complete freedom in choosing your itinerary, giving you access to private beaches and discovering islands at your own pace. A bareboat charter is an ideal solution for experienced sailors looking for the thrill of charting their course.

May and October are great months to rent a boat in Malta, when water temperatures are warm, tourism numbers have decreased and navigation of Malta’s scenic beauty becomes simpler. On top of that, relaxing on its beaches or exploring its historic harbors and churches are also options, not forgetting Comino and Gozo, which offer unparalleled archaeological finds as well as natural treasures – plus renting one in these off-peak months is much less costly!

Skipper hire

Malta is an island nation in the Mediterranean Sea known for its crystal-clear waters and breathtaking natural wonders. Malta makes for the ideal sailing trip, whether relaxing or adventurous. Whether exploring Comino’s Blue Lagoon or visiting Valletta’s UNESCO World Heritage Site, there’s something here for everyone. Skipper hire is also a good way for beginners without boating licenses to get out and see all three islands. The cost will depend upon the type of boat rented and its duration.

Finding the ideal boat for your trip begins by searching your location and date before narrowing it further with filters such as boat type and price range. In addition, consider whether or not you want a captain included, a skipper available as an add-on option, or a bareboat (where you will captain yourself). Also, keep safety standards and cancellation policies in mind to make your Malta vacation enjoyable! Choosing a suitable vessel will guarantee an incredible vacation!

Luxury yachts

Malta lies in the heart of the Mediterranean and features several state-of-the-art yacht marinas. Due to its ideal climate and crystal blue waters, Malta is an excellent location to register a luxury yacht in Europe.

Malta and its sister islands of Gozo and Comina boast a rich international shipping history that dates back millennia. With clear waters and warm autumnal breezes, Malta is the ideal location for luxury yacht chartering.

Explore the island’s crystal clear bays and beaches, explore historic harbors, quaint villages, and the charming city of Valletta – home to baroque churches and creamy limestone houses!

Malta’s main three islands provide an exciting cruising ground yet are less popular with tourists than other Mediterranean destinations. Gozo boasts the pristine Blue Lagoon and is the legendary home of Calypso. Sail into the Blue Grotto caves on Gozo for more underwater fun, or visit the medieval walled city Mdina with its tranquil narrow streets and historic palaces for some peace and relaxation.

Ferry boats

Are You Travelling to Malta? Find Out Your Options Here. This page details how to book train and ferry tickets and what to expect on your journeys.

Ferry services in Malta provide more than simply transportation; they’re an experience connecting islands and telling their history. Although their complexities can be challenging to grasp, knowing how best to utilize this transport service will allow you to have a smooth sailing trip.

Ferry boats are an economical and efficient means of travel between Malta and nearby islands such as Gozo. Schedules may differ, and travelers should plan accordingly.

Malta is an idyllic country with historic cities. One of its most celebrated is Valletta, which boasts more than 300 monuments, from churches to palaces. Additionally, Malta provides ample opportunity to explore nature while admiring breathtaking cliffs and sea caves.

Fishing boats

Malta is an island nation in the Mediterranean Sea, and many of its most spectacular sights can only be accessed by boat. From day trips to the Blue Lagoon to multi-island sailing adventures spanning multiple weeks or more – renting a boat will make your vacation in Malta genuinely unforgettable. Here are a few key considerations when renting one here.

Maltese fishing boats, known as Luzzus, feature unique vessels painted in natural colors such as deep marine blue and terracotta red with shades of yellow and green; often, their bows feature two eyes reminiscent of Phoenician legend.

Experienced sailors can easily charter a Luzzus themselves and explore Malta’s breathtaking waterways on a bareboat charter, making for an exciting, personal way to experience Malta’s coastline at your own pace. However, for this type of voyage to be valid under international boating law a valid international boating license would be needed; alternatively you could opt for skipper-led charter.