Bravo Care Terms and Conditions


By agreeing to these Terms and agreeing that You have full power and authority to abide by them for yourself and on behalf of the Facility, You acknowledge that it is Your responsibility to obtain equipment and Internet service necessary to access this Website.

Offices and Professionals must submit sensitive personal data to register with Bravo Care and contract for Assignments. Furthermore, Bravo Care does not censor information exchanged in online messaging systems or displayed through its Ratings system.

Getting Started

Bravo Care serves as a matchmaker between professional offices seeking temporary services and individuals with the right professional skills who are willing to fulfill them (each an “Assignment”) in exchange for compensation. From now on, it is referred to as the “Services,” and all users, including offices, professionals, and users, are collectively known as the “Users.”

To take advantage of Bravo Care Services, You must create an Account on its Website. When creating Your Account, You must provide true, accurate, complete information and update Your Account accordingly. Bravo Care reserves the right to suspend or terminate Your Account should You violate this Agreement in any way.

Nowhere does this Agreement state otherwise; all content that You upload or make available through the Service remains your property; however, You grant Bravo Care a worldwide royalty-free license to use, reproduce, adapt, modify, and publicly perform or display such Content subject to any restrictions established in these Terms of Service or Privacy Policy.

To access our Services, You must be 18 or over and legally capable of entering lawfully binding contracts within Your jurisdiction of residence. If You are underage, they can only access it under supervision from an adult.

Bravo Care takes reasonable efforts to secure its systems from mischief while being aware that errors or security breaches, such as hacking, may still occur. Therefore, neither Bravo Care nor its licensors make any assurance or warranty, express or implied, that this Website or servers hosting it will remain uninterrupted, secure, or free from errors, viruses, or other potentially harmful components.

Your responsibility in using the Services lies with securing the data network access necessary, such as messaging rates and fees charged by Your mobile network provider. In addition, You must acquire and update compatible hardware or devices needed for use with them.

By utilizing the Service, You agree to receive communications from Bravo Care electronically, including but not limited to offers or acceptance of Assignments, updates to this Agreement or its Privacy Policy, statements related to Your account, federal and state tax information, and notices. Bravo Care may communicate these via its methods for contacting You on the Site or Your registered email address.

Logging In

Bravo Care offers a service designed to connect offices seeking temporary service providers (“Offices”) with individuals possessing the appropriate skill sets (collectively referred to as “Professionals”) with assignments they need to be completed (collectively known as “Users”). As this Website and Services provided herein are located within the United States, any data You provide Bravo Care may be transferred there for processing according to American laws and subjected to U.S. jurisdiction. You may not use this Service if You are under 18 years old and only with direct supervision of either parent or legal guardian.

To access our Services, You must have an individual User Services account (from now on, “Your Account”) and an acceptable payment method. Registering with Bravo Care requires providing certain information, including your name, address, mobile phone number, etc. To maintain accurate, up-to-date, and complete data in Your Account at all times.

Your use of the Services must conform with all local, state, and federal laws in Your area and across all levels. It is Your responsibility to determine whether You qualify for and pay any applicable tax liabilities due from Your use of these Services – this could include employment taxes, worker’s compensation insurance premiums, social security taxes, or unemployment insurance premiums.

As a Professional, You are solely responsible for filing the IRS Form W-9 and any forms required by state or local governments in which You operate. Furthermore, You will also be accountable for reporting any income generated from work performed for offices through Bravo Care Platform – neither Bravo Care nor its staff will be part of or be held liable for any tax payments between Offices and Professionals.

No bot, scraper, or similar tool may be created or utilized to access any content on this Website, including Services. Furthermore, any Content found herein may not be redistributed without prior express written approval from Bravo Care on a case-by-case basis.

Payment Options

Bravo Care is a platform that connects professional offices seeking temporary service providers with individuals possessing the requisite expertise. Offices may post requests (known as an “Assignment”) while Professionals may accept these Assignments for compensation agreed between all parties involved. Services provided through this Site are restricted to persons 18 years or older who can form legally binding contracts under applicable law, although minors may use them only under supervision from a parent or legal guardian. Your Login Accessibility must remain secure. If it becomes impossible for you to gain entry due to lost or stolen Login Accessibility credentials, promptly inform Bravo Care so they may assist in recovering it as quickly as possible. Bravo Care will reset Your password and reactivate Your Account, though, until You notify them that You want it deleted, it may remain active for an undetermined period before being permanently deleted unless you created more than one Account.

Bravo Care does not endorse or evaluate any Counterparties with whom You transact business via this Website, and any Ratings provided by users represent solely their evaluation and rating of said Counterparties; Bravo Care disclaims any responsibility for their accuracy or quality.

Content uploaded, posted, or otherwise made available on the Website that infringes or violates any copyright, trade secret, or intellectual property right of a third party must not infringe or violate such rights, and you shall bear sole liability for any resulting damages due to uploading, posting or other submission of such Content.

Bravo Care’s Services may contain links to non-Bravo Care websites as a convenience; however, they should not be seen as an endorsement of their content by us or as an endorsement by Bravo Care of them as an individual site’s privacy policies may vary significantly before engaging them, and we cannot be held liable for their performance or security.


Bravo Care takes all reasonable measures to protect its Website from mischief; however, no system can guarantee complete protection, and errors or security breaches may still occur. As such, You use this Website and Services at Your own risk, without liability to Bravo Care for any claims or damages that may arise. Additionally, all actions performed while accessing or using this Website fall solely under Your responsibility and are beyond its scope of responsibility.

As part of Your agreement with Bravo Care, You certify that all information You provide us is true, accurate, and up-to-date. For Professionals, this may include name, address, e-mail, telephone number, photographs, geographical location, billing information, degree-granting programs, graduation years, assignment experience, credit score, and criminal background check (collectively “User Information”). Offices, on the other hand, need only provide the name of the company, employer identification number, contact person, job title, etc, and any additional required by Bravo Care to find appropriate assignments for You.

All Users at this moment bind themselves to comply with applicable state and federal employment tax laws, including withholding taxes for Assignments performed on the Platform by themselves or for them, such as state income taxes, social security taxes, unemployment insurance taxes, Medicare taxes, disability insurance taxes, worker’s compensation taxes or withholding taxes. Each Professional and Office accepts and sole responsibility for making payments for all taxes due regarding Assignments completed via or for them on this Platform – such as state and federal income taxes, social security taxes, unemployment insurance taxes, Medicare taxes, disability insurance taxes, worker’s compensation taxes, withholding taxes, etc.

Content, software, network, and systems supporting this Website and Services are owned by Bravo Care or its licensors, with exceptions provided in these Terms of Service. Unless expressly permitted under these Terms of Service, You may not copy or reproduce any portion of the Website or its Content for commercial purposes without authorization from Bravo Care or their licensors. Furthermore, You should only create one Account to access either website/Service; multiple accounts could create access issues. Please notify Bravo Care immediately if your Login Accessibility has been compromised or if you suspect any unauthorized activity associated with Your account(s).

All communications between You and Bravo Care, other than Your agreement to these Terms of Service, will take place electronically unless otherwise specified by Bravo Care. This may include e-mails, notices posted on this Website, or other methods of communication used by Bravo Care. You agree to receive these communications electronically and acknowledge having both hardware and software requirements necessary to access them.