Centre Realty Group Reviews


Centre Realty Group is an established real estate company that has been in business in the Greater Boston area for 25 years. They are a company that is both socially responsible and homegrown. These are qualities that many people look for in a business. Read on to find out more about this company.

Great place to work

Centre Realty Group is a company that specializes in the residential real estate industry. It provides listing agents and other services related to apartment search, leasing, and marketing.

Centre Realty Group has been recognized as a great place to work by Fortune magazine and the Direct Selling Association. This global organization helps independent sales agents in the U.S. and worldwide develop more substantial businesses and better serve consumers. In addition, the company has been recognized as one of the World’s Best Workplaces four times.

Great Place to Work, an organization that certifies thousands of companies worldwide, selects organizations based on how they treat employees. Surveys are conducted, and companies are evaluated based on 60 employee experience questions. This process allows for a rigorous analysis of data, which allows for data-driven people decisions.

VTS has also been recognized as a great place to work. In addition, it is a top CRE platform that offers a tenant experience platform, asset management, leasing, and marketing. 95% of its employees agree that the company is an excellent place to work.


Founded by Jack Foster in 1991, Centre Realty Group is a local real estate firm that has been doing business in the Boston area for nearly 25 years. The company offers various services, including leasing, sales, and property management. In addition to its Boston locale, it has offices in Newton and Watertown. It is also a part of the MLS Property Information Network, Inc.,, a leading real estate information and marketing tool provider.

Although it is not the oldest or the most venerable, Centre Realty Group is a worthy contender in the real estate industry. To name a few, the company has a large number of well-trained agents, state-of-the-art technology, and a seasoned and knowledgeable team that demonstrates adherence to company policy in everything from client communication to the latest technology. This equates to a high-quality customer experience. Moreover, the company is also known for its innovative and well-thought-out marketing campaigns.

BBB Business Profile

Apex Realty Group, LLC is a real estate company that specializes in helping individuals purchase and sell their homes. They have a team approach to real estate, allowing them to provide a complete service to buyers and sellers alike. The group is licensed in Massachusetts by the Board of Registration for Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons.

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