Dear Meaning in Hindi


Dear is an endearing and lovely word with multiple definitions and associations, such as cherishing, closeness, and being treasured.

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What are you doing?

To ask someone “What are you doing?” in Hindi, say either (aap kyaa karrhe hain?) or (tum kyaa krrhe ho?) depending on whether the question should be asked formally or respectfully.

Prefixing someone with “aap” or “tum” can soften the tone when speaking to an older, higher-in-status individual, peer/colleague, spouse/partner, or anyone of equal status – it’s a gender-neutral and respectful way of addressing someone. You could use this prefixing phrase when speaking with older persons, higher-status people, or peers/colleagues who share equal status with you.

Note that Hindi uses the phrase tum kaha ho’ as an exclamation to indicate someone being sarcastic or mean; however, this can be confusing and awkward for some individuals; to ensure everyone understands your intended message quickly, it may be better to opt for more neutral dialogue like asking someone how they’re doing instead. Using this expression in public settings could be seen as rude, so try using questions instead when speaking in Hindi to avoid awkward exchanges like these!

How are you doing?

How are you doing is an informal greeting used to inquire about someone’s well-being, similar to “How is it going?” which is another popular means of inquiring into an individual’s well-being.

“Kya hai?” in Hindi can be translated as, “Who are you?” This question should be used when approaching someone of a similar age or younger if Thu is too close or you don’t wish to sound rude when using Thu. Likewise, this question can also be used when feeling uncertain of what to say; showing interest in their life while starting a dialogue and showing appreciation of someone’s efforts can all be used as ways of showing this phrase off!

How are you?

There are various ways of asking someone how they’re doing. You could say: ‘Kya haal hai?’ or ‘Tum kya kar raho ho?’ To show respect to someone older or of equal status, add an aap or tum in front of each question to ensure gender neutrality.

This question is used as an informal way of inquiring about someone’s well-being, often when making introductions or greeting someone new. Additionally, you could use it to inquire into an event or situation that could be sensitive or personal; if unsure how best to respond, you could ask them to elaborate further.