HomeSmart Realty Reviews


If you’re looking for a new brokerage, HomeSmart can be a great option. This company focuses on the success of its agents by offering 100 percent of the resources needed to run a successful brokerage. This company operates in markets large and small throughout the United States. It has an easy-to-use platform that allows brokers to manage every aspect of their business in one location. This software also helps brokers track recruiting efforts, analyze business data, and more.

RealSmart Agent software

The RealSmart Agent software platform provides a central platform for agents to focus on all aspects of their business. It can help them manage transactions, organize contacts, build CMAs, and complete marketing tasks. In addition, the software is fully integrated with RealSmart Broker, the brokerage software developed by HomeSmart. This allows agents to work more efficiently and effectively with their peers.

The software integrates all your business functions, including transaction management, listing flyers, and agent training. Creating listing flyers is quick and easy on the RealSmart platform. The RealSmart Agent phone app provides innovative features for real estate agents. In addition, the brokerage’s RealSmart Broker platform is designed to help brokers manage their offices. The program also includes a paperless transaction system. In addition, the brokerage offers annual growth summits for agents in all 50 states. The company also offers training and pre-licensing courses online.

RealSmart agent software is an essential tool for real estate agents. It can help them create market analysis reports and manage and send transactions to the broker. The software also provides notifications at every transaction step to keep everything on track and compliant. Agents can also use the app to create websites.

Low-fee model

Real estate agents deserve a 100 percent commission from the sale of a home. This means pounding the pavement looking for leads, managing transactions, and closing deals. It’s also essential for agents to have the support and training they need to be successful. In addition, HomeSmart provides its agents with systems and tools that help them succeed. These systems include marketing materials and tools to help agents manage their websites. They also give their agents access to various business-growth tools, including a free premium upgrade package.

HomeSmart’s business system is based on a unique business model. This allows for better operations and technology, which reduces pain and increases efficiency. Founded by Matt Widdows in 2000, HomeSmart is now the largest real estate company in Arizona. Widdows’ vision was to improve the real estate industry by combining traditional concepts with new technology.

HomeSmart emphasizes the importance of agent success and gives brokers and agents 100 percent of the tools they need to run a successful brokerage. It has worked in markets large and small across the country. Its systems allow brokers to manage every aspect of their business, from marketing to recruiting efforts. They also offer tools to handle accounting tasks and track business data.

Technology support

HomeSmart International is a real estate company that specializes in cutting-edge technology. Its systems and technology support are designed to help agents and brokers achieve higher levels of service and productivity. The technology applications HomeSmart provides help agents and brokers scale their businesses while saving time and money. The company has created two systems: the RealSmart Broker and the RealSmart Agent.

Adam Bauer, the company’s vice president of digital strategy, has worked in digital marketing for his entire career. In his current role, he oversees the franchise sales and support teams. He also oversees the company’s operations in Denver and Palm Springs. The executive team also includes Carol Perry, who leads the company’s affiliated businesses.