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AmbitionBox is a website where employees can write reviews about their employer, HHHunt Homes. This site allows employees to rate their companies based on several factors, including Workplace culture, Compensation, Benefits, and Job Security. Employee reviews are also helpful for anyone looking to work for this company.

Review of H H Hunt Homes

If you’re looking for a new home builder, you may want to read up on HHHunt Homes. This company has a positive reputation and is listed in the top ten percent of large contractors in the U.S., according to AmbitionBox. Employees rated HHHunt Homes’s salary and benefited the best, but job security comes last. Read these reviews to learn more about the company and whether it is right for you.

Workplace culture

Employees are a vital component of HHHunt’s company culture, as the company values its people as a vital part of its success. As a result, the company offers competitive pay and benefits to its 1,400 employees. In addition, the company’s managers engage in regular one-on-one conversations with employees to continuously improve and hear their concerns.

HHHunt is a regional leader in real estate with offices in Blacksburg, VA, Raleigh, NC, and Richmond, VA. Currently, the company employs 500 people in these cities and has built over 10,000 homes and developed 12 master-planned communities, including more than 7,000 apartments.

HHHunt’s shift to electronic processes has significantly saved time and money. In addition, the company has implemented new recruiting software, UKG Pro. This new system has improved recruitment at all locations. This has allowed HHHunt to keep its promise of putting employees at the center of its success.


HHHunt Homes is a company focused on building new construction communities. The company has been in business since 1966 and was founded by Harry H. Hunt III, initially to provide housing for the Virginia Tech student population. It is a leader in diversified real estate development throughout the Southeast. The company’s current president is Janet Riddlebarger. She oversees the company’s operations, including the company’s construction groups, development division, and land acquisitions.

In 2014, HHHunt Homes began a comprehensive reflective process to understand its business better. This led to increased productivity greater than the 14 percent increase experienced by peers. As a result, HHHunt Homes’ 2015 results are also promising: it is on track to deliver 600 houses this year, more than double last year’s performance, and grow its revenue to $200 million annually from $100 million.

If HHHunt Corporation fails to comply with the Order, it must notify the Regional Director within twenty-four hours of learning that it will be impossible to comply. This Order is binding on the parties jointly and on any successors, designees, and assigns of the parties.


If you are in the market for a new home, you may wonder if HHHunt homes are the right option. The company was founded by Harry H. Hunt III in 1966 and has since become a premier name in home building in the Mid-Atlantic region. The company specializes in single and multi-family residences in large metropolitan areas and is committed to construction excellence, innovative design, and benchmark customer service.

HHHunt Homes specializes in providing move-in-ready homes. These homes can be moved into within 90 days. In addition, these homes are built to last. In addition to its innovative features, HHHunt offers many benefits to its customers. These include high craftsmanship, a great location, and top-rated local schools.