How to Find a Small Business Grant


Locating business grants can be difficult for small businesses. Each franchise may have specific criteria relating to location, size of operation, and industry that must be fulfilled before approval; some even require matching funds from their recipients.

Searching for grants involves much paperwork that takes time from running your business, yet many organizations qualify for appointments they would otherwise miss out on.


InnovateHer is a program created specifically to support women-led businesses operating within fintech. The objective is to bring together an online network of entrepreneurs and provide them with the tools and resources necessary for success while encouraging more women and girls into tech fields.

InnovateHER competition is a business challenge that offers prizes to the most innovative ideas, providing female entrepreneurs with a great way to receive funding and attention for their endeavors. Furthermore, InnovateHER also provides scholarships and mentoring support.

Before applying for a small business grant, make sure that you meet eligibility requirements. Most annuities have specific criteria to qualify, like a business profile or entrepreneur demographic requirements. There may also be programs offering funding to particular industries – check out NerdWallet’s Small Business Funding Guide for some helpful options. If unable to secure grants alone, consider seeking loans as alternative funding solutions.

Cartier Women’s Initiative Award

The Cartier Women’s Initiative Award, founded in 2006, is an international entrepreneurship program recognizing early-stage impact entrepreneurs tackling economic and environmental development issues through startups. Winning entrepreneurs receive one-on-one coaching, business workshops, media coverage, funding through this award, and access to an international network of peers.

The top seven finalists each win a $100,000 grant; all other 21 finalists receive personalized coaching, training, networking opportunities, media visibility, and media sponsorship from three leading co-sponsoring organizations: Cartier, Women’s Forum, and McKinsey & Company.

This year’s competition will expand its geographical coverage by adding three regions: Francophone Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East and North Africa, and East Asia/South Asia/Oceania. Furthermore, the Science and Technology Pioneers Award and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Award have also been added as awards that encourage entrepreneurial initiatives that close gaps in access, outcomes, and opportunity for underrepresented communities.

Blueprint Medtech Small Business Translator Grant

The Blueprint Medtech Small Business Translator Grant provides funding opportunities to small businesses creating medical devices. The aim is to accelerate patient access to cutting-edge, safe, and effective technologies aimed at diagnosing and treating disorders of both central and peripheral nervous systems.

The program offers non-dilutive financial support of up to four years for awardees of medical device invention and commercialization projects. Furthermore, awardees will benefit from ongoing specialized support from mentors experienced with commercializing medical devices – these mentors will work weekly with awardees on issues including business, regulatory, and clinical considerations that impact translational success.

This opportunity is open to qualifying small businesses, and the National Institute of Health welcomes applications from women, underrepresented racial/ethnic groups, individuals with disabilities, and proposals that incorporate strategies for supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion within translational research enterprises. Entrepreneurs interested in this opportunity should join the #ResearchDiversity Twitter chat on Thursday, October 20th, from 1 PM ET until 2 PM ET to learn more and submit applications.

Nav Grant Contest

Finding and applying for small business grants can be an arduous task, but the rewards of receiving one may make the effort worth your while. Grants are available from federal, state, and local governments and private companies – giving your business the edge against competitors without access to these grants.

Nav, a company that connects small businesses to financing solutions, offers a quarterly grant program offering up to $10,000 in grants. The next application deadline for this grant program is May 31.

Research by this company discovered that 61% of small business owners reported financial challenges within the last year, with access to capital being the leading issue.

Nav provides a free tool that helps businesses identify the optimal funding options based on their business data – this tool is called Legitify Your Small Business, and you can learn more here.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce America’s Top Small Businesses

America’s Top Small Businesses recognizes small business owners and entrepreneurs who are driving innovation, overcoming challenges, and improving their communities. Over 15,000 small businesses nationwide applied this year; 70 were selected, including security technologies, restaurants, and family-owned automotive repair shops. At next week’s America’s Top Small Business Summit in Washington, D.C., they’ll compete for one of seven finalist spots!

Clark spoke about how small business owners are the backbone of our economy, creating jobs and stimulating local economies through trade. Additionally, she stressed the significance of expanding business reach and impact through trade agreements.

The Chamber’s efforts to assist small businesses include advocating for policies that facilitate their success, raising their voice in Washington and connecting them to federal officials, and providing them with practical resources and insights. The top 70 regional finalists will each receive paid memberships to the U.S. Chamber for one year.

Cesar Workplace Grant

Cesar Workplace Grants provide funding to encourage businesses to implement pet-friendly workplace policies, making workplaces more comfortable for employees and their pets. Studies show this can enhance morale, employee satisfaction, and attraction to more diverse job applicants at businesses that implement pet-friendly policies.

The Black Women’s Entrepreneurship Fund is a program that awards grants to small businesses led by black women or nonbinary entrepreneurs, helping them develop ideas and build sustainable business models. Funds may also be used for operating expenses such as paying outstanding vendor debt or upgrading technological infrastructure.

This grant program from the National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE) awards $10,000 grants to small businesses located in historically underserved communities, such as minority-owned business enterprises. Its objective is to bolster entrepreneurs in their quest to create jobs in local communities while offering additional resources like free LegalZoom services and attorney consultations.

Ingredients for Success Entrepreneurs Initiative

Small businesses rely heavily on government grants for growth and survival. Although accepting government funding may provide many advantages, getting government money also comes with specific requirements and conditions that must be fulfilled to be approved – for instance, some programs require an elaborate business plan detailing where you’d use the money, while others may have ongoing reporting and auditing requirements. Luckily, there are programs dedicated to helping small businesses find grant opportunities.

The Ingredients for Success Entrepreneurs Initiative is a national grant program sponsored by Famous Amos and the National Black Chamber of Commerce (NBCC), awarding three promising entrepreneurs $50,000 in investments and mentoring and coaching resources from both organizations. To be considered for this grant program, applicants must submit a 90-120-second pitch video, which is then evaluated by a panel of judges.

LegalZoom Small Business Grant

Grant programs can provide your small business with much-needed funding, yet securing one may be challenging due to their stringent eligibility criteria. To increase your odds of success and win one of these grants, start researching grants within your community – chambers of commerce may even help match you up with gifts that suit your business needs!

The National Black MBA Association offers an annual grant program called Fast Break for Small Business that grants businesses funding and exposure. It supports Black-owned, women-led companies, moderate-income entrepreneurs, and those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

LegalZoom and the NBA, WNBA, and G League have joined forces to offer $6 Million in grants and legal services for small business owners through their “Fast Break for Business” program. This initiative seeks to eliminate obstacles preventing minority- and women-owned small businesses from succeeding – an essential step toward economic inclusivity in America.

National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE)

The National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE) offers many resources to small business owners. Their Growth Grants program provides investment capital for micro-businesses with specific business needs; previous recipients have used this money for items like computers, farm equipment, and part-time help.

The organization provides its members with cost-cutting benefits and business skills training. Furthermore, it lobbies the federal government on behalf of small businesses to secure their rights and level the playing field.

Organization, Inc. is a membership-based group dedicated to providing entrepreneurs with “how-to” resources and tools that enable them to run their businesses successfully. Members also stay abreast of congressional issues that impact small business owners and access experts in tax, finance, and retirement matters. Furthermore, members receive monthly newsletters and the ability to post questions online – membership fees range from $45 monthly membership dues up to $15 monthly membership dues.