How to Get a German Driver’s License Online


Many US states have reciprocal agreements with Germany, meaning you can exchange your license for one without taking a practical driving test or lessons. However, you need a valid first aid certificate and eye test proof. How to buy german drivers license online.

As your first step, contact your local Burgeramt (or Fuhrerscheinstelle). Your American driving license can be valid for six months upon entry.

How to get a German driver’s license

If you hold a valid driver’s license from another country, exchanging it for one in Germany might not require taking any tests. Instead, specific requirements must be fulfilled, including proof that your eyesight is normal and completion of a first aid course. You must also submit biometric passport photos, which could add weeks to the process.

The next step in the process is preparing for a theoretical test, available both through apps and most driving schools’ “Fahren Lernen Lehrbuch.” You will have 30 questions from a list of 1,000 to answer. It can be challenging but not impossible – you may retake twice more within two weeks between attempts. In addition, enrolling in a first aid course through your local Deutsches Rotes Kreuz may add another month or so to this process.

Requirements for a German driver’s license

If your driving license comes from one of the EU/EEA countries, it should remain valid in Germany for up to six months after becoming a resident here. However, this process becomes more involved for holders of US or non-reciprocal third-country licenses that don’t recognize Germany reciprocally; in such instances, you must take written theoretical and practical examinations in German to be approved as a driver in this country.

As the first step for non-EU nationals, registering at a driving school will usually be the initial step in taking driving lessons in Germany. After that, they will take care of all administrative matters such as license applications and registration for theory and practical exams, medical exams, and first aid courses as necessary to ensure road safety. Unfortunately, due to more stringent tests in Germany than in the US, administration costs typically average over EUR 435, though prices could differ accordingly.

Buying a German driver’s license online

If you already have a valid driving license from another country, Germany does not require you to take an official driving test. Instead, eye tests and first aid courses might be needed – costs for these tests depend on where you reside and whether any preparation work needs to be done before traveling here.

Earning your German Driver’s license is integral to moving to Germany. While public transport may provide plenty of access, a car may still be helpful when exploring rural areas or carrying heavy loads. Furthermore, having access to a vehicle includes ease for long commutes.

If you are an EU or EEA national, swapping your foreign Driver’s license for one from Germany should be straightforward. However, it can be more complex for citizens from countries with reciprocal arrangements with Germany, such as US states or non-European nations, though several online services exist to assist with this process.

Getting a German driver’s license

An intimidating challenge for non-EU citizens, obtaining a German driver’s license can seem complex and cumbersome, but the process is relatively straightforward and manageable. You’ll need to pass both a written test, known as a Pflichtstudent test, and a practical driving test; your practice time and lessons may differ depending on where you reside – for more details, make sure to contact a driving school in your area.

Converting from a US driver’s license to one issued in Germany depends on whether your state of residence has reciprocity with Germany; if so, swapping without taking an examination or incurring administrative requirements will be simple and efficient.

Otherwise, you’ll have to find an appropriate Fahrschule, complete theoretical training (14 double hours for Class B drivers), and then pass your practical driving exam – which could cost anywhere from several hundred euros up to several thousand. Luckily, numerous German driving schools will guide you through each step and take care of the administration for you.

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