How to Make Shrimp Scampi


Whether you’re hosting a party or just a dinner at home, shrimp scampi can be a great way to serve up a flavorful meal. You can make the dish in a variety of ways. The key is to use fresh ingredients and to cook the dish until it’s tender. You can also choose to use white wine to make the dish.


Whether you’re looking for a quick meal for the family or a restaurant-quality meal at home, Garlic Shrimp Scampi is a great option. You’ll love how quickly it comes together and how delicious the end result is. You can serve this delicious shrimp dish with any type of pasta or crusty bread.

For the best results, use fresh lemon juice. You may also want to add some red pepper flakes.

Garlic shrimp scampi is a quick and easy meal that can be served as an appetizer or dinner. You’ll love the flavor and the creamy sauce that makes this dish so delicious. You can also serve it over pasta, rice, or zucchini noodles. It’s a great meal for busy nights.

The sauce for shrimp scampi is a mixture of butter, garlic, and lemon juice. The shrimp are cooked in the sauce until they are pink. The sauce can be served right away or stored in the refrigerator for up to two days.


Using Meyer lemons for the sauce adds a hint of sweetness to the dish. This recipe also uses parsley and parmesan cheese to add more flavor. If you are a fan of citrus and shrimp, you may want to try this recipe.

A few simple ingredients can be found in any kitchen to make shrimp scampi. Lemon juice, garlic, chicken broth, and parsley add flavor. This recipe is simple to make, and it’s perfect for a quick dinner. It can be served as a main course or as a side dish.

First, you’ll want to start by chopping up a few cloves of garlic. Add the garlic to a skillet, and cook it in butter and oil for about a minute. Then, you can add in the lemon zest. The zest adds citrus oils and flavor.

Next, you’ll want to add the shrimp and parsley. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Also, add a small amount of lemon juice to the shrimp.

White wine

Whether you’re making shrimp scampi or seafood pasta, a good white wine goes a long way in adding flavor. A dry white wine will enhance the natural seafood flavors while cutting through the richness of the sauce. The best white wine for shrimp scampi should have a light flavor, moderate acidity, and a smooth finish.

The most important factor when choosing a wine is taste. Different brands will taste differently, so it’s important to choose one that complements the dish.

Riesling wine is an excellent choice for shrimp scampi. It has a crisp flavor, but also has a lot of acidities, which helps to cut through the richness of the sauce.

Another good choice is Pinot Grigio. It’s a dry white wine with a light fruity flavor. Its citrusy flavors will work well with the shrimp, as will its crisp acidity.

Another choice is Moscato d’Asti, which comes from Italy’s Piedmont region. It has a fruity flavor and hints of peach and apricot. It can be served with shrimp scampi or alongside rice.


Traditionally served in Italy, shrimp scampi is a delicious dish that is made with garlic and butter. It can be served over pasta or rice. It is also a delicious appetizer.

This is a very easy dish to make. It can be prepared in as little as 20 minutes. It is served with crusty bread.

First, you will need to saute garlic in butter over medium-high heat for two to three minutes. You can also add shallots and red pepper flakes to give the dish a kick. You can serve the dish with lemon wedges.

After the garlic browns, you can add the shrimp to the pan. The shrimp should be seasoned with salt and pepper. You should cook the shrimp on one side for about a minute before turning them over. When the shrimp are cooked, remove them from the pan and set them aside.

The remaining ingredients should be cooked for about two to three minutes. Stir them with the remaining butter. You can also add fresh lemon juice to the sauce. Then, toss the pasta with the sauce.