Identifying Numbers That Come Before and After


Worksheets can be an engaging and educational way for children to learn the fundamentals. Worksheets offer children a fun way to understand concepts more completely.

This worksheet asks students to identify the number that comes before and after an arbitrary number in a sequence, providing practice with numbers up to 99.

Numbers that come before

Identification of numbers that come before and after is an essential skill for early math development in children. These skills are vital in teaching kids addition and subtraction as they help them comprehend where numbers fit within each other and time sequence, as well as developing a sense of order that’s so essential to mathematics. This activity offers children a fun way to practice number order as it improves counting and memorization skills while helping strengthen counting ability.

This worksheet presents students with a series of problems that ask them to determine which number comes before or after a given number. It is suitable for learners of all ages and can be tailored based on proficiency level. In order to complete it, they must fill in each box with correct answers before pressing “Check.” once complete, they can push it to verify if their answers were accurate; otherwise, the box will turn red instead of green!

This printable worksheet helps children practice ordering numbers. The worksheet features multiple sets of number lines with unique number patterns; each set contains specific gaps for children to fill in by identifying which numbers come before and after a number in its respective set, then writing it in their appropriate boxes on the worksheet.

Numbers that come after

Counting is an integral skill that children must develop, so understanding sequences of numbers is of critical importance. This number sequencing worksheet allows children to practice identifying which number follows another given one by writing out all the numbers in sequence and filling any gaps with appropriate answers from 1 through 100.

This free printable worksheet is an effective and enjoyable way to help children grasp the concept of number sequence. Children will develop counting skills, one-to-one number correspondence, and an understanding of number formation while having fun learning about it all! Count serially with this free printable worksheet while getting them ready for school!

These worksheets are created specifically for first and second-graders, providing an effective means for improving counting skills. Available as printable PDFs, these worksheets can be used independently, at math centers, or in morning work – also helping children develop strong senses of order and direction.

This game provides children with a fun and challenging way to practice number sequencing concepts. Write the number that follows a given one on a number line; there are various number lines available so that it can be tailored specifically to your child’s ability level.

Numbers that are in between

Numbers that are in between worksheets can help kids develop their maths skills. By practicing these worksheets, children can better understand how numbers are sequenced while also increasing counting and memorization skills. Kids of any age can take advantage of them to accelerate their learning progress.

Children participating in this worksheet must identify a missing number in a number sequence by reading through and recording all given sequences and writing down answers in the colorful boxes provided. Doing this will improve math skills while building confidence and making this an engaging activity that encourages further knowledge about numbers! This worksheet offers fun challenges while teaching kids more about numbers!

Counting is an invaluable life skill that children will use throughout their lives. As they advance, it will become necessary for them to know how to count from one to 100 and beyond and differentiate whether numbers are more significant or smaller than one another – an integral component of learning for young children that may prove challenging at first.

Children in Year 1 or 2 can use this free printable worksheet on numbers between as an excellent way to start their maths education. They will recognize number patterns and learn to count accurately, which will serve them well when moving up to higher math levels.


Counting is an invaluable skill that children in preschool, kindergarten, and pre-K can acquire through our counting worksheets. Not only is counting essential for furthering math education (such as addition and subtraction), but children must also understand its relationship to objects – our counting worksheets help kids do just this by teaching them this relationship between one number and another.

These worksheets begin with basic counting concepts and increase in difficulty as your child progresses. Kids may find counting on these worksheets engaging, particularly if given activities to do with them, like connecting the numbers and coloring them – helping them practice counting while simultaneously increasing excitement over an activity!

As your children continue working on the sheets, introduce new concepts like greater than and lesser than. Please do this by showing it to them first before encouraging them to do it on their own. Dice rolls or counting blocks may help strengthen these abilities further.

The initial worksheets focus on counting objects, while subsequent exercises move onto sequential and skip counting exercises. Some worksheets even encourage children to write out any number that appears between sets of numbers.