What Do You Do Meaning in Hindi


Plan your next big trip or learn more fluently by learning Hindi! To help get you started, here are some essential sentence patterns every Hindi speaker must master.

Hindi speakers typically place the adverb of manner between subject and verb – for instance, “I eat fruit.”

1. Todo

When someone asks what you do, they are looking to discover your job or profession. Additionally, this question can also help reveal whether someone is successful at accomplishing specific tasks; for instance, if someone in their house has an infestation of mosquitoes that needs clearing up quickly, you might pose this question: “What are you doing to kill them?” to see how successful they have been at doing just that – or ask, “Are you giving it your all?” to test whether the best possible effort has been put forth towards doing just that!

2. To do something

Doing something involves engaging in an activity. There may be various reasons for doing something, including expressing feelings, making statements, or gaining more knowledge about the world. When someone does something, it can have both positive and negative results. For instance, taking drugs could have negative repercussions; on the other hand, doing good work might have positive consequences.

3. To do something fast

Doing something quickly typically refers to doing it quickly – whether this involves running, swimming, or typing quickly. Doing something without stopping can also count as fast work; for example, driving or walking are activities that might qualify as fast work.

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