Mi Luggage Review


The Mi Luggage is a new addition to Xiaomi’s lifestyle range. It is TSA-approved and made of durable Makrolon polycarbonate. Its material also makes it scratch and water-resistant. This article will look at how well the bag meets our expectations. We will also see if it is able to withstand our toughest travel experiences.

Mi Luggage is made of durable Makrolon polycarbonate

Xiaomi Mi Luggage is made of durable Makralon polycarbonate and comes with a TSA-approved combination lock. The bag is made of water-repellent material and has adjustable shoulder straps. It can accommodate up to 64 liters of gear and is very portable. It also has multiple height settings.

It has a sleek and modern design that is scratch-resistant. The Mi Luggage 20″ is available in three colors: Red, Grey, and Blue. It also has three layers of compressive structure and is equipped with TSA locks. Both the case and its wheels can be folded up.

It is TSA-approved

Xiaomi Mi luggage is TSA-approved and features 3-digit combination locks for safety. Its lightweight and durable design is perfect for weekend getaways or longer flights. This TSA-approved luggage is also equipped with four shock-absorbing wheels for easy mobility. Its three-digit combination locks can easily be opened by TSA authorities.

This luggage is available in two different sizes. The 20-inch Classic has a capacity of 38 liters and measures 50.5 x 35 x 22.5 centimeters. It is TSA-approved and suitable as hand luggage on almost all airlines. It features numerous pockets and a sturdy zipper.

It is water resistant

Mi Luggage is a good choice for travelers who need a hard-sided cabin luggage with water resistance. Made of top-notch polycarbonate and polypropylene, this luggage comes in various colors and designs. This luggage also features wheels and a durable exterior to prevent it from being damaged.

Mi Luggage is water resistant on both sides and features scratch-resistant polyester. Its waterproof material makes it suitable for both outdoor and indoor activities. It also has a zipped interior and features a number lock. This luggage comes with two long straps with a simple locking loop.

It is scratch-resistant

Mi Luggage is designed with scratch-resistant materials in mind. The company’s metal carry-on luggage, for example, is scratch-resistant and lightweight. This luggage also features triple-layer Covestro PC material, which is highly durable and recyclable. It also features a honeycomb-like exterior for more durability and support against pressure.

Xiaomi Mi Luggage comes in two sizes and has four adjustable handles for ease of maneuverability. It also has a 360-degree ball bearing design to prevent scratching. It also has a TSA-approved lock, which ensures safe travels and quick access to your luggage at airports.

It is not very light

The Mi Luggage isn’t a lightweight suitcase, but it has a good build and is available in a variety of colors. It comes with two different inside compartments, one with a zipper and another with a clasp. It also has a three-digit combination lock, making it TSA-approved. This luggage isn’t the lightest in the world, but it will do for weekend trips.

The Mi Luggage Classic 20-inch is made of durable Makrolon polycarbonate material and weighs just 3.3 kilograms. It’s perfect for air travel and is TSA-approved, so it won’t get damaged during customs. It also has multiple pockets on the inside, and it has a strong zipper.