Mickey Mouse Bounce House Rentals


Bring Disney magic to your next celebration with this 13×13 Mickey Mouse bounce house. Suitable for up to six guests at once, the Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto characters await guests as they hop from one side of this inflatable wonder to the other!

Mickey has three fingers and a thumb, and this was done both for artistic and financial considerations – each additional finger would cost the studio significant amounts to animate.

Mickey and Friends Premium 5 n 1 Combo Bounce House

Bring Mickey and friends’ magic to your next celebration with this premium 5-in-1 combo bounce house. Its features include a large bouncing area, an inflatable basketball goal, log and vertical pop-up obstacles,, as well as log and vertical pop-up barriers, a wall climber, and a slide. Parents and spectators can keep an eye on kids as they play while its safety netting allows parents and spectators to keep watch over them; its entrance/exit ramps ensure safe access into and out of the bounce house.

This premium Disney-themed combo will indeed become the focal point of any event! With room for up to six best friends to jump, shoot hoops, navigate obstacles, and explore Mickey Park – this attraction makes an eye-catching centerpiece at any party or special event! Featuring signature Mickey ears graphics, this attraction should not be left behind!

Mickey Mouse Park Combo

Bring Mickey Mouse clubhouse fun right to your backyard with this colorful Disney unit. This 5-in-1 combo bouncy castle offers all of the activities kids love – jumping, playing basketball, climbing, and sliding! Trademark Mickey ears lead children through all of this active fun with both vertical and horizontal pop-up obstacles as well as log and slide obstacles, providing hours of active play for hours on end – including recreating favorite scenes from Mickey and pals’ TV shows like taking turns riding down winding slides!

Add thrills and excitement to a bounce house experience with this combo featuring a high-speed slide! Children will remain safe and secure during their time in this bouncy castle’s sturdy construction and high-grade materials, which meet rigorous commercial safety standards. Furthermore, the safety netting on walls and ceiling provides an extra barrier to keep kids safely inside the bothe castle.

Children can spend hours playing in this Disney-themed bouncy castle’s bouncing area with Minnie, Daffy Daisy,, and Goofy! Additionally, they can climb and play in its acrobatic towers or run through its 3D Disney character popups to expand their imaginations. At Mickey Park Learning Club, they can engage in active play as well as stimulating educational games, including shape activities with Mickey, matching colors in large ball ponds or counting shapes with Goofy.

The Mickey Park Bouncy Castle is an excellent addition to birthday parties, school events, and family get-togethers. Constructed with high-grade materials that make cleaning and maintaining it effortless, plus it can withstand even outdoor conditions with its durable design!

This Disney bouncy castle provides added safety with a sturdy steel frame and durable mesh siding, helping protect children while they climb and play within its confines. Parents and spectators can watch all the fun from any angle through 360-degree mesh windows; its waterproof surface also means wet or dry use; plus, its weight limit of 800 pounds makes this suitable for damp or dry use on grass, dirt, or concrete (weight limit applies). Make any occasion memorable with this Disney-themed bouncy castle.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Bounce House

Join Mickey and Minnie Mouse and their pals for an adventure-filled, Disney-themed bounce house rental that’s officially licensed! Kids will have fun singing Disney songs while jumping around in this licensed formally bounce house featuring two three-dimensional Mickey ears as they interact with characters like Minnie. Two three-dimensional Mickey ears welcome kids into this bouncy castle that features two three-dimensional Mickey ears fitting them in and a doorway opening up into their Club House! Our Mickey and Minnie bounce house makes any party unforgettable, pairing perfectly with our obstacle course rentals or fun food and interactive game rentals to make any party truly magical!

The Mickey Park Large Jump will add an air of clubhouse fun to any event as Mickey and all his pals welcome everyone into his Club House. A set of trademark 3D Mickey Mouse-style ears guides participants towards its entrance, while vibrant artwork makes participants feel as if they’re at one of Disney’s parks. This inflatable features Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, and Pluto for lots of laughter-inducing fun times together!

Inside this bounce house, children can climb to the roof of the Clubhouse and slide back down with Mickey and Minnie characters from Disney. Furthermore, children can practice math skills by working on the “shape wall” wwwhile learning numbers through pop-ups featuring Mickey, Minnie, and their Clubhouse friends.

This Disney-themed bounce house can accommodate six best friends at once! There’s room for everyone with an inflatable basketball goal, vertical and horizontal pop-up obstacles, and steps leading to a dry slide for hours of jumping fun. Additionally, large netted vent windows allow parents to keep an eye on their child(ren).