I Belong to House Castielo – Chapter 1


Estelle, 11, was sold off by her mother without expecting Ein Castielo to become her buyer- yet he turned out to be her biological father! Can Estelle accept both her new family and demon heritage, or will Ein turn her into another slave?

Demon Descendants

Estelle Castielo was sold off to her mother once she reached 11 for 20k gold, her demon descendancy being revealed through pink eyes. Estelle has an outgoing and childish personality as well as wavy blonde hair with bangs swept to the right and bangs that look swept back over a face that could belong to someone five years old. Estelle is what’s known as a mix blood; not quite full demon but strong enough for survival with red tinted eyes that enable her abilities.

Demons are generally perceived to be descendants of evil spirits and humans fear them as such, hence why they are often called demons. Not all demons, however, possess bad intentions – some can have good ones such as Estelle who has an incredible kindness toward her younger sibling Karl while being curious and exploring new areas. She is protective towards those she cares for while not fearing getting hurt themselves.

This manhwa is similar to The Monster Duchess and Contract Princess in that both depict abused children who find safety through adoption with powerful families, awakening magical abilities. Both girls have experienced hardship but, through the love of their new families, are able to overcome them and experience happiness, love, and kindness for the first time in their lives – these mangas are really enjoyable, and I recommend them both highly.

Against Magicians

These mangas follow two women whose lives were drastically changed after they were saved from abuse by an unconventional family. Their protagonists in both series also manifest special powers: darkness magic in “The Monster Duchess and Contract Princess,” while spirit magic appears in “I Belong to House Castillo.”

Estelle Castielo is the daughter of Ein Castielo, the master of her house. Everyone fears him due to his blood-red eyes, yet when it comes to Estelle, he becomes soft-spoken.

Estelle is an innocent girl with long wavy locks that cascade over her shoulders, pink eyes, and an innocent yet childish disposition. She loves reading books, and her loving family makes life comfortable for her. I highly recommend Estelle and this story to any fantasy or cute girls fan – you will laugh, cry, and sympathize with Estelle & company; plus, its incredible artwork will definitely draw you in.

Feared by Humans

An innocent young girl finds herself sold off by her mother to live at the estate of Ein Castielo – not expecting that she would become one of his rare offspring – becoming daughter to feared demon duke Ein Castielo and facing down both enemies and dashing knights from high society. Even more challenging is Estelle being partially human- her pink eyes displease the Castielsos who do not like mixing with Mix bloods, thus making her more of an easy target than before – therefore, she must find strength within herself to survive this harsh world!

The Duke’s Daughter

The Daughter of Ein Castielo has been sold off by her mother and now lives at Ein Castielo’s estate, working herself ragged. When she meets Dean, an unfamiliar young merchant with lifestyle expectations very different from her own, things quickly change for both parties.

The story boasts an intriguing and complex plot that transports readers back into medieval England. The author does a fantastic job at writing the tale and seamlessly introduces each new character. It goes beyond romance and explores matters of kingdom politics – teaching its main character how to live life on her terms while understanding that compromise may sometimes be necessary.

Noteworthy is the House of Castielo’s intense dislike for Magicians and how they warn Estelle against approaching them, believing them to be descendants of demons and thus possessing curiosity, which could potentially cause them to harm themselves with Magicians if exposed too closely accidentally. They suggest staying within their home or only going out when accompanying someone whom you can trust entirely if outside.

The Duchess faces an arduous task; she must seduce all eligible noblemen within her area to select one as her intended husband in one year. While this may sound impossible, this story features some fantastic supporting characters such as parlor maids, crusty lords, and formidable dowagers to help ease this task for her. While minor misunderstandings do arise throughout, these issues are quickly addressed as the story moves along and will leave readers eager for more. The author does an outstanding job of writing this tale that will leave readers wanting more!