Mini Bike Throttle Kits


When throttles become sticky and hard to turn, lubrication may be necessary to restore their performance and prevent sticking. Lubricate regularly – including throttle tube and cables – so as to keep sticking at bay and ensure peak performance.

Beginning by loosening the locknut on your throttle cable at the throttle body and pulling it off of its housing. Unscrew and unscrew your throttle lever from its connection to the engine before replacing any short throttle rods you may have removed from its original location.

Tusk Aluminum Throttle Tube

The Tusk Aluminum Throttle Tube is an affordable upgrade to any motocross bike. Constructed from a proprietary composite material that reduces vibration transmission while remaining lightweight. Tough enough to withstand even the harshest impacts without cracking. An affordable alternative to plastic throttle tubes, the Tusk provides greater precision and a smooth operating feel.

Casual riders typically find stock tubes sufficient, but serious riders should opt for aluminum tubes as these last longer and provide superior rolling and rotation. Plus, they are much safer to use on jumps or rough terrain!

Plastic throttle tubes can break under any heavy impact from an oak tree branch or your grip snagging on the ground, leaving a herky-jerky throttle that may make riding impossible for the rest of the race. An aluminum tube, however, is much more rigid and features a firmer grip to prevent cracking or breaking while boasting a sealed radial ball bearing at its end to provide smooth operation and ensure smooth performance.

G2’s aluminum throttle tubes are precision machined in the USA and feature knurled grip areas with an anti-twist design to help keep grips from twisting on handlebars. Plus, each end comes fitted with self-lubricating Delrin bushings for increased smoothness & ball-bearing feel, meaning no maintenance is needed!

ODI Fuzion

ODI Fusion throttle tube systems are far superior to standard plastic tubes in terms of durability and also come equipped with V2 Throttle Snap Cams that ensure universal fitment. Choose your make/model-specific cam and snap it onto a throttle tube – installation should only take minutes without glue! Their thin profile bearing adds less than 6mm to handlebar ends compared to competing brands.

The Fusion Billet Tube features internal nylon sleeves for a highly smooth throttle pull. The outside diameter is designed to fit one-inch handlebars. With its sealed bearing system and highly durable construction, this highly lightweight throttle tube eliminates any play between bar and line, allowing a complete ride experience without compromises between bar and throttle tube.

ODI provides throttle cams to fit an extensive selection of sizes and models, including larger race bikes. When switching bike brands or making adjustments for maintenance purposes, swap out your cam if necessary – snaps on/off quickly to help ensure smooth performance!


The ODI REV 2 throttle kit was created specifically to meet the needs of versatile riders. With quick reel swaps that adapt to various riding styles and conditions and an adjustable cam reel that controls how much twist is required to open the throttle, this throttle is sure to meet every rider’s requirements. This gives you greater control of the power delivery, acting like a long twist throttle at smaller throttle openings for precise control and shortening torque requirements to reach full throttle. The REV 2 features an adjustable handlebar mount to ensure a comfortable position on your motorcycle, along with various reel sizes to change throttle frequency and feel. Its ultra-compact case comes equipped with snap-together elbows for fast assembly/mounting as well as removable elbows to simplify reel changes; in addition, an internal wiring system facilitates quick maintenance/repairs.

ODI Lock-On grips are revolutionaries in motocross grip design. Instead of using glue, wire ties, or safety wire to secure grips to the handlebars, these grips use a locking jaw clamp for secure attachment – saving both time and energy while eliminating the potential for grip failure in case of an accidental tip-over.

These ergonomic half-waffle grips come in multiple colors and feature an ergonomic half-waffle pattern designed to give riders optimal tackiness for maximum control, making these perfect for use on motocross, street, and freestyle bikes. Furthermore, these 100% slip-free grips feature the Seven logo for added style and comfort.

This grip features an innovative web pattern for enhanced finger traction, as well as reverse knurling that provides extra fingertip gripping power. Plus, its soft pro-compound offers durability. And its smooth bearing profile reduces vibration transfer during downhill riding!

ODI Lock-On grips are designed to fit a variety of dirt bike models and come equipped with model-specific throttle cams for fast installation. Both black and blue models feature durable grip material that resists moisture and dirt for long-term performance.