Siemens 100 Amp Breaker – Thermal Magnetic Overload and Short Circuit Protection For Your Homes Wiring


125 amp square d Siemens breakers are thermal magnetic circuit breakers designed to protect your home’s wiring against overload and short circuits. These Siemens-type BQ bolt-on breakers can be installed with Ultimate load centers or used as replacement breakers in existing central lug-only panels; additionally, they feature plug-on neutral breakers and the Insta-Wire system to save both time and labor costs. What do you consider about نماینده زیمنس.

Product Description

The Siemens 100 amp breaker serves as the thermal-magnetic overload and short circuit protection component of your electrical system. By switching current between wires, this circuit breaker acts to prevent damaging temperatures caused by excess current beyond their rating limit, protecting against excessive heating damage to them. This Siemens Q2100 two-pole molded case circuit breaker boasts an interrupting rating of 10 kilo-amps and can withstand voltage up to 240V, ideal for use in Ultimate type load centers or combination load center/meter units from ITE. These breakers feature plug-in connections and come equipped with time-saving Insta-Wire features for effortless wiring. We strongly suggest only using genuine Siemens breakers in your load center to preserve its warranty; unfortunately, this product cannot be purchased online, so please visit a Menards store near you for further details and purchase options.

Breaker Type

The Siemens BL type bolt-on circuit breaker is a non-interchangeable trip, molded case bolt-on circuit breaker featuring joint trip and load side lugs for two poles UL listed and CSA approved circuit breakers rated to operate up to 240V AC voltage.

Thermal-magnetic circuit breakers are essential tools in protecting the wiring system in your home from overload and short circuit conditions, including shock or electrocution risks, fire risks, surges, and voltage spikes. They protect against severe shock or electrocution incidents while mitigating fire risks. Additionally, thermal-magnetic circuit breakers also reduce the risk of electrical fires in addition to providing security against surges or voltage spikes that might otherwise threaten its security.

Plug-in breakers from Siemens are designed for use with their EQ, EQL, SEQ, and EQG series load centers or meter combinations, featuring time-saving Insta-Wire technology and mounting trim tab. These 100 amp, two pole push-on breakers come equipped with Insta-Wire for faster wiring of circuit breakers as well as a mounting little tab. Do not install used breakers as doing so would void their warranty; always purchase new Siemens breakers exclusively when installing in panels to keep the warranty valid; these breakers cannot be purchased online – please come into Menards stores in person for purchase! Please note:

Breaker Amps

Siemens circuit breakers are essential components for providing overload and short-circuit protection in your home electrical system. Their primary function is preventing your wiring from overheating when the current exceeds its rating; additionally, they help avoid severe electrical shock or electrocution and reduce fire risks.

This Siemens two-pole, BL-type bolt-on circuit breaker features an interrupting rating of 10kiloamps at 120/240 Volts at 60 Hertz and voltage ratings of 120/240 volts per pole at 60 Hertz. Suitable for use in Ultimate load center main breaker panels but easily removable by installing the main breaker kit (see load center wiring diagram), this UL-listed and Csa-certified compact and easy-to-install breaker features thermal-magnetic overcurrent protection as well as being close enough for push-on type loads center applications such as Ultimate lug terminal load lug or push-on type load centers.

Breaker Voltage

Siemens plug-in circuit breakers are essential for overload and short circuit protection in any home’s electrical system, offering safety from shock or electrocution as well as mitigating the risks of fires. Their push-on type “QP,” 100 amp 2-pole, two poles molded case circuit breaker is designed for use with Siemens load centers such as Type EQL, SEQ, ITE Gould, and IQG load centers and meter combinations (intended use with single phase only applications); use will not void warranty coverage on these items! Sold as pairs to ease installation time-saving efforts and installation processes.

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