How He Cordially Enquired How Was My Health?


When your date plans day dates with you, this could be an indicator that they want more from their relationship than just casual hookups. He opens up his thoughts to you and discloses parts of himself he typically keeps private – it doesn’t happen just for fun or to play mind games! He doesn’t do this to tease or manipulate.

What are you doing?

Many English speakers misuse this greeting in everyday conversation; therefore, they must learn how to utilize this phrase as part of their greeting routine properly.

When using this question, only inquire about current activities. For past activities, use “What were you doing” instead.

How are You Doing?” is a casual greeting used to inquire into someone’s health and well-being. It can be an effective way to initiate conversation, though only with those you know well, as otherwise, it could come across as awkward. This greeting has been heard on TV shows like Wendy Williams Show or movies such as The Godfather; Joey from Friends also uses this phrase when feeling under the weather; other celebrities who have used this greeting include comedic actress Wendy Williams as well as mobster Michael Corleone from The Sopranos.

How are you feeling?

How are you feeling? This is a more direct way of asking whether someone’s physical wellbeing has improved after experiencing something such as an illness or accident.

Use it to start conversations with loved ones or in formal and professional settings. It also serves as an effective greeting mechanism.

“How are you?” is an intimate and compassionate question meant to show kindness, patience, and human curiosity in its asker. Asking it of friends demonstrates your care for them as well as wanting to understand how they’re feeling – however, it may not be asked frequently since, most commonly, it will only be asked of close family and close friends; moreover, it is considered more personal and private than other similar queries such as “How are you?.”