Top 10 Best Quick Looping Servants 2023


Quick Looping Strategy is one of the primary tactics in Warframe, allowing players to defeat powerful foes with a barrage of Quick NPs. However, this requires a team of Servants with powerful Quick NP abilities and specific Quick-focused cards and buffs that support this tactic.

With Summer Melt’s release came many new Arts Loopers, making this setup even more straightforward.

1. Sakata Kintoki

Sakata Kintoki is an ideal option for anyone seeking to maximize the effectiveness of Quick cards. His high hit count and quick cards generate sufficient stargen, while his first skill provides an impressive NP battery.

He can communicate with animals despite their lack of speech and can project hypnosis waves at humans. Furthermore, as he belongs to Berserker class servants, he offers damage-dealing solid capabilities with low critical stars for common acute attacks on targets.

His natural NP charge is high, making him an excellent option for event farming. Unfortunately, however, his durability isn’t tremendous and requires support to survive against complicated survival challenges – mainly as his non-Quick cards don’t compare as favorably to his Quick cards in terms of strength. Therefore, his Noble Phantasm and Animal Communication levels must be enhanced immediately to maximize performance.

2. Scathach

Scathach can assist her Quick NP performance with Critical Stars as an ally by increasing analytical hit damage and consistently progressing chains. Further damage output can be added with Bond CEs like Prisma Cosmos for additional support if desired.

Koyanskaya provides buster Servants with an almost universal three-turn NP refund, making quick looping much simpler in final waves – particularly for Jason, who finds NP winding challenging without her help.

Kama can make for an effective Quick looper with her high hit count on Quick cards and ability to refuel her Noble Phantasm gauge through the Noble Phantasm effect, giving her ample NP charges that she can use to quickly clear content. Koyanskaya and Skadi will further increase her looping potential.

3. Okita Alter

Okita Alter is a powerful Quick-Looping Saber with high damage potential due to her dual attack and quick boosts, high attack stat, and refund rate from her NP charge-up by Oberon. Additionally, she can offer decent crit damage with her buff and her ability to charge up NP charge-up via Oberon.

Hans Christian Andersen and Mash Kyrielight can also help her increase damage, with C Star gathering bonuses and NP gain acceleration, respectively. She can even take advantage of Demon King Nobunaga’s Strategy to increase NP gain and Critical Strength.

Okita Alter has evolved through her natural traits and Black Grail Ascension to be relatively emotionless yet still deeply cares for her Master. As such, she is an excellent character in one-shot scenarios where the enemy Cavalry or Berserker classes pose significant threats.

4. Li Shuwen

Li Shuwen is a capable lancer with high NP damage, decent critical star generation, and solid defensive abilities, making her an excellent option for Masters who prefer the QQABB style of play.

No Second Strike is her Noble Phantasm that allows her to destroy an opponent in one turn with enough critical stars. While this is her primary way of making the most of her skill set, she can still be effective through command cards in various ways.

Li Shuwen’s skillset is powerful and versatile, yet she can be challenging to use effectively. Her Sphere Boundary gives self-evasion and increases star absorption – however, it only lasts one turn, so firing it too early can waste its secondary effects.

5. Jeanne d’Arc

Jeanne d’Arc is a revered figure in French national history and embodies her ideals. As a Ruler-class Servant, she displays high levels of responsibility toward fulfilling her obligations to reach her goals – however, her perfectionist tendencies can sometimes make her overly critical of herself and others.

Her features and abilities include defensive and anti-spell combat with high magic resistance; her Flag NP can block almost anything, while La Pucelle NP acts as an Excalibur level nuke to decimate everything in its path – plus, she offers high crit chance rates with great HP recovery rates!

Jeanne d’Arc is an ideal looping servant for beginners and veterans alike. While her main drawback may be her expensive NP usage cost, other NPs can help balance this. Jeanne d’Arc is an ideal companion in tactical combat because she can see enemies’ movement, attack ranges, and any spellcasting they perform.

6. Mysterious Heroine X

Mysterious Heroine XA is Artoria Pendragon’s arch-enemy and was created through illegal magecraft; her DNA contains an X gene from Artoria herself that she extracts and uses to fuel a torrent of mana that she unleashes against Saber Servants to defeat them.

Initial April Fools Day 2013 event Servant, this rogue from a mysterious dimension of the Servant universe sought to fulfill her ultimate wish by ridding herself of all present Saber servants and seizing control of all their power using a Secret-Calibur sword. She declared herself as the definitive edition of Saber class servants.

MHXA is an uncommon Quick Berserker servant, possessing a decent star generation for her class and an extremely potent upgraded Noble Phantasm. However, she can struggle to match up to the damage output of other Berserkers; accessing Interlude and Rank Up should help unlock her full potential.

7. Nagao Kagetora

She offers high single-target NP damage as a welfare servant, making her an asset outside dedicated Arts teams. Furthermore, when boosted, her NP deals severe damage against healthy enemies.

Kagetora became famously known as Uesugi Kenshin over time. A powerful daimyo of Echigo during the Sengoku period, she claimed to be Bishamonten’s avatar and never lost a battle over a seventy-year career spanning more than seventy years of service to Bishamonten.

Though she has some downsides, she still makes an excellent lancer choice. Her NP damage can easily handle most archer enemies, and her related steroids boost damage and star gather rate. Furthermore, she can utilize her evasion skills to increase survival when facing dangerous foes.

8. Emiya

Archer Emiya is the protagonist and antagonist in the Unlimited Blade Works route, acting sarcastically and cynically throughout. A Heroic Spirit from one of Shirou’s future worlds who won a Holy Grail War, Archer believes Shirou’s goal of “wanting to save all” is unrealistic and impossible.

He is a class B Servant that can be combined with Saber to form a formidable team. Additionally, Projection Magecraft allows him to use shields and barriers around himself and his group while summoning additional Servants as part of his unique ability.

He can use his NP to attack multiple targets with one charge and has an ability that allows him to remain materialized even after losing his master’s mana; this was particularly helpful during a battle on a bridge where multiple enemies were fighting him at once.

9. Frankenstein

The 5* Lancer Servant Frankenstein is an ideal quick looper. His economical 6 CE setups can quickly clear the first two waves of Black Grail without needing a 3* battery servant; this feature is especially beneficial when dealing with Saber or Assassin nodes that have difficulty with Quick AOE servants regenerating their NP batteries due to higher requirements.

Scathach’s Assassin Alternative continues to prove invaluable as an efficient looping servant. Her NP, “Criminal Ballad – The Shining Ogre,” excels at dissolving enemy aftereffects and creating analytical stars; her quick cards and NP accumulation buffs also work seamlessly with temporary support servants for efficient chain formation.

10. Miss Crane

Miss Crane is an adept support who provides her damage dealer with powerful buffs before sitting back to let them do all the heavy lifting themselves. Her powerful NP can clear even the hardest nodes in the game while at the same time offering their right in party order an NP gauge refill and boost to star generation.

She is one of the most straightforward servants for 3-turn Skadi farming, as she does not require a Kaleidoscope and can work at lower NP levels than most others. Although designed primarily for Quick and Arts card classes (Buster and Sabers, who wield Noble Phantasms), her charge and generation buffs make for powerful looping strategies, and her refundability is also perfect for dealing with Berserker/Assassin nodes.