UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus Review


UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus is a PPO plan with a low copay and better coverage. This plan covers most of your out-of-network health expenses. It also covers most vision expenditures, including eye exams, glasses, frames, and contact lenses. You’ll also be able to receive coverage for hearing aids and laser eye surgery.

Plans may not be available in your state.

UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus is a health insurance plan that provides comprehensive preventive care coverage and a wide range of prescription drugs. It also offers no referrals required for specialists, no claims forms, and discounts at local hospitals and doctors. It may not be available in all states.


The UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus health plan offers coverage for various healthcare services. In addition, the plan enables members to choose a physician and specialist from its network. While it is essential to utilize the network to save money, UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus also covers the costs of out-of-network care.

Out-of-network maximums

If you have UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus, you may be wondering how much you could potentially pay out of pocket for covered health services outside of the network. The out-of-network maximum is the maximum amount you could pay for covered health services in 12 months. Out-of-network expenses include your deductible, copay, and coinsurance. You should also be aware that your monthly premium and balance-billed charges do not count toward the maximum amount.

Customer service

UnitedHealthcare has excellent customer service. The company has a great reputation in the marketplace for its customer support and tech support. They also have a low complaint ratio. Their AM Best rating is A, which means that the company is financially stable and has good customer service. The UnitedHealthcare website is easy to navigate, and they have an extensive knowledge base to answer any questions you may have.