Wahoo Fish – Ono in Hawaiian


Ono is an exquisite fish from Kauai’s waters that boasts a tasty snow-white texture similar to tuna’s flesh. Enjoyed in many restaurants across the island, this delectable bite makes Forono one of its signature offerings.

Wahoo (Ono) can be found worldwide in tropical and subtropical seas, where its close relatives include mackerel and tuna. Wahoo species increased, reaching up to eight feet in length and 184 pounds of weight in just eight years of growth.


Wahoos (one in Hawaii) are fast and powerful fish in the ocean, reaching 8 feet long and 180 pounds at maturity. A favorite sport fish for its speed and meat quality, Wahoos are often served grilled, blackened, broiled, poached, or sauteed before being enjoyed as food.

Ono is a close relative of King Mackerel and can often be found swimming through Hawaiian waters. These fast swimmers feature long bodies with tiny scales, blue backs, and silver sides. Their mouth has sharp teeth designed for hunting prey while their razor-sharp fins enable fast swimming speed.

They typically target many species of fish and squid. Trollers can be found across tropical and subtropical seas worldwide, including Hawaii; warm waters tend to have the most abundance. Trollers tend to prefer these waters because they’re ideal for their methods.

Wahoos can be caught year-round, through their peak months of March to May and September to November. Trolling artificial lures at 12-24 knots is the most effective to lure them. Being attracted to floating debris makes positioning your attractions strategically crucial.

To attract wahoo fish, use large lures with brightly-colored bodies with intense action. Squid can attract them, so including one in your interest may help. Also, try slow trolling.

A fishing charter is an optimal way to catch wahoo, with experienced captains offering customized trips that meet your schedule and providing all the fishing equipment required.

At a minimum, wahoo charters usually last four to six hours at sea. Your charter may take you to some of the best fishing spots nearby using both live baits and lures as bait while they adapt their tactics based on weather changes and your goals.


Wahoo (Ono in Hawaiian) is a highly delicious fish popular in Hawaii, known for its firm texture and mild flavor. Furthermore, this versatile seafood can be cooked in multiple ways: serving as a main course, filling sushi rolls, or even using sushi rolls as fillers! Additionally, Wahoo contains high levels of omega-3 fatty acids – something many other dishes cannot match!

Wahoo belongs to the Scombridae family and is closely related to tuna and mackerel. Wahoo meat resembles tuna but with a firmer texture and milder flavors; it can be cooked by grilling, baking, blackening, or poaching before being sauteed or simmered for optimal results.

The wahoo is an exquisite fish found worldwide, commonly eaten sashimi-style in Japan (known as onaga). Additionally, this versatile species often features in cultural events like weddings and New Year’s parties as part of cultural meals with mild flavor profiles that pair nicely with light textures to make this ideal for sashimi and sushi preparation.

Hawaiian cuisine uses the versatile wahoo fish as one of its main proteins, offering it in various dishes with sauces or spices for delicious results. Wahoo also boasts high levels of vitamins and minerals for abundant nutritional value.

An ideal way to enjoy freshly caught wahoo is at a beach restaurant on Kauai. The Beach House is a beloved Kauai establishment that serves wahoo in various forms – crab-crusted wahoo with Molokai purple sweet potatoes, sauteed kale, and mandarin orange Thai chili glaze; wasabi-crusted wahoo with macadamia nut butter and lilikoi lemongrass beurre balance being popular options; also the staff at multiple locations is more than happy to assist in finding what best fits their tastebuds!


Ono fish is an excellent source of lean protein and low in fat. Additionally, it offers many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Plus, its versatility means it can be served grilled, baked, broiled, or sauteed! Its mild taste and sweet finish pair perfectly with tropical fruit salsas. Ono is also a great option as an easy yet nutritious dessert!

The wahoo (Ono) is a member of the Scombridae family and is closely related to mackerel, tuna, and mahi mahi. Among all species of fish, it boasts one of the fastest swimmers. Growing to more than 100 pounds in weight, wahoos can be found worldwide but thrive exceptionally well in Hawaiian waters where sport fishing opportunities abound from May to September when most abundant. Catchable via trolling artificial lures or bait and longline fishing techniques.

One of the best ways to enjoy one is with a simple seasoning of salt and pepper; its sweet, juicy flavor will shine through with minimal preparation required. However, you can grill it with sprinkles of garlic powder, soy sauce, or light vinaigrette drizzled over. Or you could stuff and grill your ono with portobello mushrooms, garlicky ginger brown rice, and crispy breadcrumbs for even more enjoyment!

Steamed vegetables are an easy and tasty way to increase meal nutrition and fiber intake. Also, remember that sauces and dressings can help control how many calories you consume per serving while choosing grilled foods rather than fried ones can also reduce calorie counts significantly.

Cheesecake Factory’s Ono Hawaiian Fish Sandwich contains 740 calories, 33 grams of fat, and significant sodium and saturated fat content. Consider lighter options like Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Bowl or Grilled Chicken Salad to reduce calorie consumption without overindulgence. Or opt for a fruit bowl, which offers an energy boost and sweet craving satisfaction without adding to waistline size.


Wahoo fish (ono) has a mild flavor and flaky texture. This versatile species can be cooked in several ways, including baking, broiling, frying, or sauteeing, or you could enjoy it as part of an authentic Portuguese stew!

Make this delicious Ono recipe quickly and simply with this straightforward method: Place ono fillets into a zip-lock bag filled with light soy sauce, honey, and ginger, and marinate for 30 minutes while you prepare other ingredients. After marinating, grill them on medium-high heat for 8 to 10 minutes until firm and flaky before adding your side dishes of rice or starchy vegetables and an accompanying salad as garnishes.

This one recipe only takes minutes to prepare, making it the ideal weeknight dinner option. Enjoy its vibrant combination of flavors – especially its homemade balsamic sauce and zesty gremolata–that make up this hearty meal. Perfect for those without enough time or desire to cook.

The one fish is a close relative of the king mackerel and is a prevalent light-tackle game fish. Reaching 100 pounds or more, this impressive-looking species can be caught by both trollers and longliners alike due to its fast swimming abilities – one of the fastest-swimming in the ocean – making this one of the quickest sport fishes. An ono is particularly famous for quickly stripping lines from your reel!

No matter your culinary skill level or personal preferences, these ono recipes will delight any fan or novice of wahoo fish. Boasting light flavors with satisfying textures that showcase this Hawaiian delicacy’s beauty and versatility – classic recipes or gourmet creations alike will take wahoo cooking to new levels – so sit back, relax, and savor every delicious bite of this Hawaiian delicacy!