A Wonderful New World Manhwa


This week has seen A Wonderful New World rise to the forefront as its latest chapter has trended on Google searches and made waves among fans.

When Joohee (VP’s mother) nearly perished in a construction accident, UB intervened and saved her. They later married, raising Joohee with Joohee’s (UB’s) mother alongside Seorin’s. UB feels very close to Seorin due to their shared traits between mothers.

The Story

This week, an exciting new world manhwa is making waves as fans search for it on Google. If you haven’t read it already, now would be an ideal time to read it- you will love every second! We guarantee it!

The story’s beginning is about Seung, an office worker at a top company who is disapproved by all due to a camera she installed in the women’s restroom. While her colleagues mock and harass her daily, Seung remains committed despite this opposition.

One day, she learns of a shocking family secret. Her grandmother had been the lover of UB, the CEO of her company. Instead of sending her away with large alimony payments like his other concubines, UB raised them with Joohee (VP), his legal daughter. As Joohee looked similar to his legal daughter Joohee (MC), some thought MC might also be her lover! Now, MC must protect his true love against those trying to separate them while others attempt to break them apart! Don’t miss another chapter of this thrilling manhwa!


Ho-Sung is an unpopular office worker at one of Korea’s most prominent corporations and has been falsely accused of crimes. Although his innocence remains unshakable, many colleagues continue to dislike and despise him; however, some female friends stand up for him and believe in him. This manga offers readers plenty of drama and romance!

If you love romantic mangas, check out A Wonderful New World. It is an action-packed, high-quality comic featuring an engaging plot and unique characters, available online via Day Comics and Toptoon, with its next chapter set to come out soon and promises to deliver romance and drama in abundance.

A Wonderful New World tells the tale of an ordinary man who falls deeply in love with a beautiful woman who works at his company. He is an architect by profession, working hard to support himself and his family – wife and daughter being his top priorities but still making time to enjoy manga reading as a hobby! Despite a hectic work life, he finds the time for romance as he regularly visits the gym to keep fit.

A Wonderful New World features romance, suspense, and action elements. Written by Yoon Gon-ji and illustrated by Hard Work, its fantastic cast makes this manga essential reading.

A Wonderful New World’s artwork is breathtaking, while its characters exhibit depth and emotion. The art style is dark and moody; each symbol is well-represented. Additionally, this manga series has several exciting side stories with unexpected plot twists.

While the manga continues to be released weekly, there have been breaks here and there due to schedule issues; however, its story is ongoing, and there are no plans to stop its publication; rather, it should receive many more chapters over time.


Ho-Seung works as an office worker at one of Korea’s leading companies, disliking his position but lacking other options. He lived alone in a cramped apartment and spent his days working, cooking, and cleaning. For recreation, he watches anime and reads manga in his free time.

He may not have much money, but works hard and is determined to make something of himself. He has a good sense of humor and a positive outlook on life, trying his most challenging to be kind to all, yet is often disappointed by friends and colleagues. Additionally, he faces difficulties finding dates but never gives up hope!

Ho-Seung used to work at a big firm; however, his boss was abusive toward him and ultimately fired him from his position. Not wanting to give up, Ho-Seung found another place with a much better company where he now thrives more in his job.

A Wonderful New World is an acclaimed manhwa with many fans. Known for its intriguing plotlines and vibrant characters, A Wonderful New World makes a great option for romantic manga fans looking for something fresh. If this manga piques your interest, check out our site for more information!

A Wonderful New World has just been released and we will keep you up-to-date as new chapters arrive – be sure to bookmark us so you don’t miss a beat!


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