Aker Okoye Writes Apology Letter to Harry for Hugging Meghan Markle


Aker Okoye went viral after he hugged Meghan Markle while she visited his school in Dagenham. His reaction to the Duchess of Sussex got a lot of play in the media, and now he has written an apology letter to Harry for the incident. Read the full story here.

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Aker Okoye

Aker Okoye has written to Harry to apologize for hugging his wife. The 16-year-old was the star of the show when the Duchess of Sussex made a surprise appearance at Robert Clack Upper School in Dagenham, England, to speak about International Women’s Day Friday. Meghan invited a male student up on stage to discuss the topic, and Aker volunteered. The head boy bounded up to a cheering audience and said, “She really is beautiful, innit,” prompting laughter from his peers and the former Suits actress.

The pair then embraced each other, which was captured on video. Aker has now penned a handwritten letter to the couple, published in The Sun newspaper, apologizing if his actions were out of line. “I am deeply sorry if my action was out of order, and I hope that you will forgive me for this, as it was the most amazing day of my life,” he wrote.

On Monday, he appeared on Good Morning Britain, where he spoke about the viral moment. Interviewer Piers Morgan teased him over his use of British slang. “You’re a bright boy, innit,” he quipped. The schoolboy also said that he reached out to the royal couple in a bid to avoid causing any controversy.

Aker has come a long way since that iconic hug and kiss on the cheek. He managed to get three A grades during his recent A Levels and has now secured a place at Jesus College at the University of Cambridge to study education. It looks like the young man is on track to become a great teacher one day. We’re sure Meghan is proud of her little protege. Good luck in your future endeavors, Aker! We’ll be watching.

Luke Vincent

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are used to welcoming crowds of well-wishers, but there was one child who stole their hearts during their visit to Dubbo in New South Wales. Luke Vincent, a five-year-old boy with Down Syndrome, rushed forward to greet Harry and Meghan when they arrived at Buninyong Public School. He then broke protocol and embraced the royal couple, giving them both a hug and playfully stroking Harry’s beard.

The adorable encounter went viral after it was caught on camera, and now everyone is in awe of the heartwarming moment. Luke is a kindergarten pupil at the school and “seemed transfixed by Prince Harry’s facial hair, stroking it and even giving it a cheeky tug,” according to the principal, Anne Van Dartel. She says the boy’s reaction was precisely what they were hoping for from their meeting with local children.

Sadly, Luke lost his battle with cancer in February of this year, and his family will remember him for his witty sense of humor, his loving nature, and the way he embraced life. He was a great friend to everyone who knew him and loved his family deeply. He also enjoyed the simple things in life, such as smorgasbord dinners, Mardi Gras parades, boats on Lake Lanier, and trips to Sonic for soft serve. He was an expert hunter and often brought home a nutria or two, as well as muskrats and possums.

Luke loved Empire, Poplarville, Mississippi, and Marietta, Georgia, where he grew up, and was very fond of his treasured neighbors. He also bonded quickly with people around the country and abroad and was especially fond of his friends in Atlanta, Chicago, St. Louis, and Louisiana, where he evacuated with Captain Dave, A/B Nancy, and crew on the Louisiana Responder during Katrina.

He was a true gentleman, never boastful, haughty, or arrogant, and always respectful and polite to strangers. He had a lively wanderlust and was a devoted traveler. He never turned down a beach, lake, or bayou trip and loved to swim. He loved his great-grandfather Emile, chicken and rice casserole, string cheese, and oatmeal cookies.

Kate Middleton

Unless you’re a member of the royal family, it’s generally not polite to hug anyone. But Kate Middleton stepped out for her first event since coming back from maternity leave and was completely surprised when one girl rushed over to give her a big bear hug.

The Duchess was visiting Bond Primary School in Mitcham to see the Wimbledon Junior Tennis Initiative in action. The children lined up to shake hands with her, but this particular kid went totally against protocol and offered her a very warm embrace instead. The Duchess was more than happy to oblige, and many of her fellow students soon followed suit.

This isn’t the first time that Middleton has been inundated with hugs from her young fans. She once had a similar experience at Paddington Recreation Ground when she was flooded with little ones eager to hug her and her sister Pippa. Pippa is due to welcome her first child later this month, and it’s a safe bet that the new arrival will become a favorite with the Duchess of Cambridge.

In fact, Middleton’s penchant for hugs seems to be her way of comforting Prince George when he gets anxious or overexcited. The Duchess is well aware that a simple rubbing of the hair or shoulder can make a world of difference to her youngest son. In a world of social media and constant scrutiny, the Middleton touch is an apt form of reassurance for her little man.

If this all sounds a bit like Gone with the Wind, you’re not far off. Middleton has been compared to Anne Boleyn by many historians and writers who have used her ambitions and high profile to highlight her flaws as a person. The parallels have been drawn between her and the tragic queen, particularly with regard to her ruthless pursuit of power. She has also been a champion of mental health and is an advocate for offering children early social and emotional support. The fact that she is now a mother of two can only serve further to solidify her position in the eyes of many.

Prince Harry

While the royal couple is enjoying a break in New York City, Prince Harry took the opportunity to meet with some local children. The Duke of Sussex and Meghan Markle visited a school in Harlem where the former actress read her children’s book to students. In addition to reading the book, the pair posed for photos and chatted with students.

During his visit, the prince gave one particular teacher a big hug. The young boy’s reaction was priceless! The student yelled, “Suits, Harry,” as the duo embraced. He then yelled, “You’re my hero!” The Prince responded, “Thank you. I’m thrilled to hear that.”

After graduating from Eton College, the prince worked at a cattle station in Argentina and a safari park in Africa. He then went to Sandhurst, Britain’s military academy, to train army officers. When he graduated, the prince decided to leave his life as a royal. He felt he had been forced to choose between his military career and his role as a royal.

In Spare, Harry discusses his strained relationships with his father and brother, notably his allegation that William physically assaulted him. He also reveals how he learned of his mother’s death. For a long time, he thought she was still alive.

Spare also reveals the strict boundaries that the royal family imposes on physical contact. “The older generation maintained a nearly zero-tolerance prohibition on all physical contact—no hugs, no kisses, no pats,” writes the prince. Even his grandmother, the Queen, has firm boundaries. While watching her at a concert, Harry resists the urge to hug her.

The memoir is a fascinating look at the royal family. While some details are left out, there are plenty of reveals that will surprise fans. One of the most shocking was when the prince revealed that Princess Diana’s brother, Dodi Fayed, died alongside her in the Paris tunnel disaster.

Another detail that surprised me was when the prince talked about his grandmother. He explained that her eldest son, Charles, did not hug him when he broke the news of his mother’s death. He says that Charles was not good at showing emotions under normal circumstances, so how could he be expected to guide them in the wake of such a tragic event?