Allianz Global Assistance Reviews


If you’re in the market for an insurance policy, you will likely have questions about Allianz Global Assistance and its rates and coverage. Read on to learn more about this travel insurance company’s reputation and rates. The company is a good choice if traveling for business or pleasure, and its rates and coverage are competitive.

Allianz Global Assistance

Regarding travel insurance, the name Allianz Global Assistance may evoke several images, including those of a sunny beach. However, the company’s service isn’t without its drawbacks, too. While its policy may cover anything from lost luggage to medical expenses, it may also leave you feeling unprepared. As a result, you may wonder what the company’s reviews say about it. Fortunately, there are plenty of Allianz Global Assistance reviews online, and you can find a good idea of the company’s customer service.

As the name suggests, Allianz Global Assistance is part of the Allianz Group, the largest insurance company in the world. It was founded in 1890 and had its headquarters in Munich, Germany. In addition to travel insurance, Allianz Global Assistance also provides car insurance and breakdown cover. However, some customers have criticized the company’s lack of customer service, noting that they could not adjust their coverage limits once they bought a policy.

The company’s average salary is $30k per year, which is lower than the national average. Salaries at Allianz Global Assistance can vary based on position and level of responsibility. On average, the company’s employees rate their work environment positively, with 100% stating that they would recommend the company to others.

Its rates

Allianz Global Assistance (AGA) is a travel insurance company that designs airline policies. Unfortunately, its travel insurance policies seem designed for the airline’s financial benefit more than the customer’s. If you’re interested in a travel insurance policy, there are several things you should know.

First, you should be aware of the size of the company. For example, Allianz is a large international finance company. Some people don’t like to deal with large corporations. However, many “boutique” insurance companies are simply shopfronts for big insurers. These companies often charge high commissions to create the appearance of a smaller firm.

In addition to providing emergency assistance, Allianz Global Assistance also offers assistance services to travelers. Its services include 24-hour telephone support and an international assistance hotline. Its experts can assist you in various situations, from losing your passport to seeking medical treatment. They can even rearrange travel plans. Allianz Global Assistance’s travel insurance policy also offers $1,000 in baggage reimbursement for lost or delayed luggage. In addition, the company provides up to $300 in essential purchases for travelers who are delayed in their luggage.

Its coverage

Allianz Global Assistance is one of the world’s largest providers of assistance services. Their products are underwritten by BCS Insurance Company and Jefferson Insurance Company. They’ve received mixed reviews from consumers, and their coverage is not perfect, but their A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau is an encouraging sign.

The company offers a variety of travel insurance policies for people from all over the world. However, it’s essential to remember that you’re likely to pay more for your coverage than is necessary. It’s also likely to offer lower coverage than you need, even though Allianz recommends a higher level of protection.

The company offers 24-hour assistance through a hotline. Its agents can assist you with anything from lost luggage to rearranging your travel plans. The company also reimburses up to $1,000 for delayed baggage or the cost of essential purchases. In addition, if you’re delayed for more than six hours, the company may be able to pay you up to $2,000 in cash.

Its reputation

Allianz Global Assistance is one of the world’s top travel insurance companies. In addition to travel insurance, the company provides assistance services as well. Two insurance companies underwrite the company – BCS Insurance Company and Jefferson Insurance Company. Consumer reviews on the Better Business Bureau site give the company an A+ rating, indicating a solid reputation.

The company offers 24-hour, multilingual assistance and has a reputation for superior customer service. As a result, it has been honored with several awards for customer service, including Gold recognition from the Stevie Awards 2020 and an A+ rating from A.M. Best. Its comprehensive services cover any risk you could incur while on the road. Allianz also offers reimbursement for nonrefundable expenses during trip delays. Moreover, it offers coverage for missed events and medical evacuations.

Consumers can choose from several plans, each offering a different level of coverage. Because Allianz Global Assistance sells travel insurance through its partners, the company creates plans specifically for each partner. This means that the price of a travel insurance plan for a JetBlue customer will be very different from the price for a Spirit Airways customer’s plan. This makes it difficult for consumers to choose a travel insurance plan that will provide them with the necessary coverage.