Any Helicopter Tour of The island of kauai – Bucket List Merchandise Number 1


You haven’t gone to Kauai, and you haven’t considered a helicopter tour? What exactly are blue blazes have you been holding out for? This needs to be at the top of workers’ bucket lists. No lying to you; you must get out into the island, book your vacation, and take a helicopter vacation around the most beautiful, enchanting, brutal place on earth. So stop reading this article and call your travel agent today! Read the glimmer tours review, visit here.

Okay, I’m a bit prejudiced; I flew Kauai travels for several years, and in the interest of full disclosure, I traveled for a company called Atmosphere Kauai. So I use a different perspective on micro helicopters and flying around countries. Nevertheless, I’m going to attempt to give you, dear reader, why it can be that you must drop anything other vacation plans possibly you have, get a ticket to Lihue, and hop aboard a new tour helicopter. Then, you can go to Holiday, Branson, or the Catskills next year.

Here’s why you need to accomplish this, what helicopter company you must think of, how much it might cost, points to take along, and what time of year in addition to the time of day to go. Plus a handful of extras: what to expect on the micro helicopter tour, what you might find, a safety overview, and other bits and pieces to make your life-altering practical experience even more gratifying. Let’s commence with getting to Kauai, and a tiny bit of the island’s mystique, starting point, as they say, in the beginning, the origin connected with Kauai.

Kauai, or the Lawn Island, is the traditional chain’s furthest (exposed) northwest island. I say exposed, considering that the Hawaiian Islands are slowly disappearing. No, this isn’t a good reason to move your trip up a few weeks; relax. Here’s a tiny bit of Hawaiian trivia that a wide variety of your tour mates probably won’t know. First, there are 127 islands in the Local chain, not just the more effective you see on a map today–Hawaii, Maui, Molokai, Lanai, See, Kauai, and Niihau.

The particular Hawaiian chain stretches throughout the Pacific for 1 2 hundred miles, ending in a tiny coral atoll called Kure, which is, in fact, the very first Local Island, dating back nearly a hundred million years. As a guide, one of the Hawaiian Islands is a place called Midway which can be located, well, mid-approach across the chain, about six hundred miles Northwest of See.

All the islands are volcanic in origin. Their supply is a volcanic rift inside the ocean floor called the Local Emperor vent, placed deep underwater 85 miles south and east of Hawaii, the unsuspecting ‘Big Island.’ Over the last a hundred million years, this volcanic vent has created all 127 islands*. The islands break the image surface, develop into a land mass, great sufficiently to support life varieties.

Then, due to wind, h2o, and natural corrosive components, they slowly erode at a distance, sinking below the mounds. The islands are also close to a tectonic plate along with a northwesterly drift, which normally takes them off toward Okazaki, japan, and Asia over all their lifetimes. Each Hawaiian area moves Northwest about 50 % of an inch per year. Geologists claim that Kure, for instance, will probably end up parked near the Kamchatka peninsula in a few dozen years.

Kauai itself is mostly about 7 million years old. It has a specific origin; the volcano that created the large land called Kauai is currently called Mount WaiAleAle (Why-Olly-Olly). WaiAleAle sits in the middle of this island. Go to Google Earth in addition to typing that in to check out where it takes you. More about this mountain later, while having a tour.

Speaking of the vacation, let’s get on with it—E-book, your flight into Lihue, the main town on The island of Kauai. There are direct flights from your west coast. In addition, most of the heli tour operators fly from Lihue airport. Here’s a set of those companies and a summary of each:

Blue Hawaiian: Very good company, good safety report, not the cheapest, but most likely the best, and this is no time and energy to scrimp. ‘Blue’ flies coming from Lihue year round, offering a thorough, knowledgeable tour of about an hour or so. Not enough time to view it all, but enough to decrease your jaw to the flooring. Contact Blue Hawaiian Micro helicopters

Safari: Good company has a long history on Kauai. Good security record and highly well-informed pilots. Safari offers a few perks other tour businesses do not, such as a video of the trip, for a minimal fee. Safari Helicopters Inc.

Island Helicopters: Island may be the bargain tour, the absolutely no frills; hop aboard and find out about the island helicopter tour. Great but not great, and, as I have stated, this is no time to be frugal. Call Island Helicopters.

Jack port Harter Helicopters: Jack Harter himself was the original helicopter tour guy on The island of Kauai. Jack is the old man involved in helicoptering on the island, obtaining once flown Frank Sinatra and other Hollywood types all-around various movie locations any time ‘ol blue eyes ended up being filmed on Kauai many moons ago. Jack Harter Helicopters is the original. Despite this, the company is good, not great, highly knowledgeable, safe, competitive prices, and has a good tour. Harter offers a pair of different aircraft depending on your interest–the AStar for a normal, comfy tour and a very little bird flown without gates for those who tote expensive camcorders and are, by God, planning to use them. Jack Harter Choppers Inc.

There are other companies to select from, but those above would be the ones I recommend here’sre’s all of that other story: what to expect, what to get (and not take), prices, weather, safety, when to proceed, and various other considerations.

You’ll certainly be given a safety briefing for each FAA regulation whenever you arrive for your tour, just like on the airplane. You’ll learn about utilizing various safety items and be given a brief overview of your tour. Then you’ll have to stomp a scale. Sorry, the airlines are allowed to employ standard weights helicopter travel operators must use. Along with yes, some companies accomplish charge extra above an exact weight. It’s for jet operating parameters, thus on your safety and others’. You need to pay, of course, and the cost structure depends on many variables I won’t get into specifics. Suffice to say that an expedition will cost anywhere from $175. 00 apiece up to $300, 00, as I say, depending on arranging arrangements, company, discounts, and so forth. Pay it; you’ll never have regrets. After the office visit, you’ll come to the helicopter, where you’ll satisfy your pilot and terrain crew.

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