BloomChic Review


BloomChic is an online shop providing stylish plus-sized clothing in sizes 10-30 (M-6XL). Their offices are in the US and China; worldwide delivery can also be provided.

This company boasts an affordable collection of over 2,500 items that is extremely popular with shoppers; however, shoppers have severely criticized the quality of products and customer service from this business.

Trendy and Affordable

Bloom Chic offers affordable fashion for curvier women. Their styles combine contemporary with trendy, providing fashionistas with stylish dresses perfect for casual brunching or red-carpet events. Bloom Chic boasts an extensive range of beautiful styles and prints, such as flirty floral patterns and sleek and sophisticated silhouettes in its selection.

The brand’s business model centers on data-driven product development. Their product developers identify emerging trends in colors, patterns, and materials before producing them in small batches. Furthermore, they track the sales performance of specific items to prevent overproduction.

BloomChic’s website also contains a small sustainability section highlighting their eco-friendly practices. Yet, their garments continue to be produced in factories in China that do not comply with fair labor standards and utilize harmful fabrics such as polyester, rayon, spandex acrylic, and conventional cotton that generate tons of clothing waste while simultaneously using up non-renewable resources.

Though it is encouraging that fashion labels cater specifically to curvier customers, assessing whether or not their ethics align is crucial. One company described itself as offering “beautiful and modern dresses for women sized 10 through 30,” which could potentially exploit both consumers and violate fundamental human rights with unjust wages.

The company’s main office is in Los Angeles, with an additional presence in Hong Kong and China. Their founder and several vital officers possess extensive knowledge of Chinese fashion culture, which allows them to work directly with manufacturers in southern China and utilize post-consumer recycled materials for packaging purposes. Yet some customers may question the quality of products from this sustainable brand.

Another concern with this company’s service is its return policy. Although the company promises a simple return process, many customers have encountered difficulty returning items that look different from those in photos and exchanging them for a refund.

Embrace Your Unique Body Shape

bloom chic offers stylish yet budget-friendly mid and plus-size clothing at competitive prices, perfect for mixing and matching styles with daily discounts and discounted sale sections with even lower prices.

Bloom Chic may provide valuable services to plus-size women, yet their business model does not appear sustainable or ethical. Lacking transparency regarding their supply chain raises red flags, while their sourcing from China makes it impossible to verify whether or not they adhere to ethical production standards.

Bloom Chic was established in 2021 as an online-first fashion brand catering to curvier women of sizes 10-30 (M-6X). Their mission is to make fashion accessible for everyone; as part of this goal, they offer an expansive selection of clothing and accessories with prices comparable to fast fashion brands.

The company boasts over 2,500 items in its best-selling collection, which include sweaters, maxi dresses, and chic tops. Their 45-day return policy and free first return shipping are also ideal – not to mention they ship worldwide and provide free international shipping when orders reach $69.

Though the company offers some beautiful pieces, they often fail in other areas. Customer feedback has generally been negative; many shoppers have reported poor quality clothing made of thin materials that don’t always resemble what it shows online.

Although Bloom Chic does excellent things for the plus-size community, they do not uphold the same ethics and sustainability practices as other fast fashion brands. Their products aren’t manufactured sustainably, and their factories have no clear policies regarding ethical labor practices. Therefore, while you might find a cute outfit at Bloom Chic for less cost than elsewhere, consider supporting size-inclusive brands which contribute positively to helping this industry evolve more positively.


BloomChic’s mission is to “revolutionize the fashion industry by fostering inclusion, empowerment, and accessibility.” To this end, they offer stylish clothing in extended sizes at accessible prices – using recyclable packaging and responsibly disposing of unsold inventory when possible. In addition, their sustainable fabrics are free from harmful chemicals, and they strive to deliver top-tier customer service.

BloomChic strives to reduce textile waste through small batch ordering and using a data-driven product development process to identify trending colors, patterns, and fabrics with consideration for different body shapes and properties of each material – thus accurately forecasting inventory levels without overstocking. Furthermore, they use an on-demand production model, which reduces carbon footprint while creating a circular business model.

Additionally, this company recycles customer returns and resells them on plus-size fashion marketplaces; photoshoot samples are also sent directly to a Los Angeles consignment store. With their sustainable system, 100% of US customer returns have been donated rather than sent directly to landfills.

BloomChic is dedicated to elevating curvier women, creating styles that make them feel desirable and empowered. Their plus-size designers possess extensive industry knowledge and craft styles that fit comfortably. Furthermore, the company provides accessories to complement its clothing.

BloomChic has secured an investment from private equity firm L Catterton to accelerate its growth and help realize its mission of empowering mid and plus-size women. This funding will allow BloomChic to offer trendy yet cost-effective extended-size fashion apparel.

Additionally, the company pledged to donate its excess inventory to a local women’s shelter as an impressive way of giving back to its local community. But further details about its sustainability policies need to be disclosed by them as it should include information about production processes, workers’ rights issues, and whether its products are produced domestically or imported from overseas.

Customer Service

BloomChic is a new clothing brand dedicated to plus-sized fashion, offering trendy yet budget-conscious styles for sizes up to 30. Their customer reviews are outstanding, while daily discounts and sale sections provide lower prices. Furthermore, free international shipping on orders of $69 makes BloomChic an appealing option for customers seeking savings.

However, some customers have had negative experiences with BloomChic. Many customers have criticized its clothing due to poor quality and inaccurate sizing issues, while their use of synthetic fabrics makes them unsustainable, and ethical shoppers should avoid purchasing them.

BloomChic has an effective return policy, but initiating it may be challenging. Their website doesn’t provide any information regarding returns, while customer service rarely returns calls or emails about refunds and resolution of problems. This can make their process seem inflexible.

BloomChic clothing is manufactured in China, raising consumer concerns regarding human and labor rights violations in that country. Brands should provide transparent information regarding their production processes so consumers can make well-informed purchase choices.

BloomChic isn’t a bad option for ethical shoppers; however, their disregard for the environment and use of toxic materials are concerning; additionally, they have no sustainability goals or initiatives set into place. Fast fashion brands’ reckless production creates irreversible textile waste, as their garments are composed primarily of synthetic materials that cannot be recycled. Furthermore, donation programs as an environmental solution should only ever be considered a last resort solution. Now is the time for fast fashion brands to take responsibility for their actions and stop passing off blame onto “recycling.” Our planet already has enough clothing to outfit six generations; therefore, we cannot afford further toxic waste production.