Bosch Demolition Hammers and Breakers


Bosch demolition hammers and breakers are powerful tools designed to save time on construction-based projects. Delivering thousands of blows per minute (bpm), these powerful tools offer various features to make work more comfortable, including vibration control systems and Service Minder lights to alert maintenance needs; plus, they come equipped with flex chisels to remove tile flooring without breaking it! Find the best Demolition Albuquerque.

Flex chisel

Flex chisels are excellent tools for heavy-duty demolition. Common uses include breaking up concrete, brick, and stone and surface scraping or breaking apart large chunks of wood. A flex chisel’s bendability also allows it to reach into tight areas more easily, while some models feature gripping handles or molded handguards for increased safety.

Bosch demolition hammers feature Active Vibration Control to reduce vibrations that cause fatigue and pain in hands, arms, and wrists – making them safer and easier to use for extended periods. Furthermore, these tools can connect to dust collection systems for cleaner working conditions.

The Bosch BH2760VCB Brute Breaker Demolition Hammer is a highly effective and versatile tool, boasting impressive impact energy. At only 63 pounds, it weighs relatively light for such an impactful tool, producing up to 35 Ft-Lbs of force – perfect for indoor foundation work and pipe laying jobs as well as portability by running off any standard AC/DC outlet or portable generator – no compressor is necessary!

The angled design of this hammer makes it easier to hold and control. With its variable-speed dial, you can choose the ideal setting for each job, as well as Constant Response circuitry to prevent overheating and provide smooth starts. Furthermore, Vario-Lock positioning enables precise rotation and locking of chisels, and it can even be connected to a dust collection system for an ideal working environment.

Point tip

The Point Tip is a versatile tool that can be used with demolition hammers bosch for many tasks, from creating holes for explosives when demolishing buildings to extracting tile without breaking it, which reduces dust while speeding up job completion time. Furthermore, this versatile device features vibration control in its hammer mechanism and grip area for increased comfort; additionally, it comes equipped with a chisel and carrying case.

Brushing tool

A brushing tool is an additional attachment that greatly enhances a demolition hammer’s usefulness. It eliminates stains from concrete pavements more efficiently and quickly than manual methods of cleaning can. In addition, it helps extend its lifespan by minimizing dust production while simultaneously improving aesthetics by removing scratches or marks on its surfaces.

Demolition hammers and breakers are powerful tools designed to penetrate masonry, brick, and concrete materials with ease. Their strong motors deliver thousands of blows per minute (bpm) under load for consistent power delivery, while vibration-control features reduce impactful vibration in the handle mechanism to make working comfortably for extended periods possible.

Demolition hammers can quickly break through even the most rigid structures, like reinforced walls and foundations, but they must be used with care and according to safety procedures; otherwise, they could result in serious injuries.

The Bosch DH712VC SDS-max demolition hammer is an efficient tool designed to take on tough jobs with ease. Delivering 9.6 Ft-Lbs of impact energy while only weighing 18.3 lbs, its power-to-weight performance is outstanding. Equipped with Constant Response circuitry that ensures smooth starts and overload protection as well as Vario-Lock positioning that allows users to choose one of 12 positions for optimal working angles, its articulating auxiliary handle ensures better control and comfortable working position while its Service Minder light alerts when maintenance needs to take place – not unlike most tools!


Bosch demolition hammers are power tools designed to quickly and efficiently dismantle strong structures, as well as rapidly mounting items like electrical panels onto concrete or masonry studs. Furthermore, these tools can also reach frozen pipes embedded into walls that need thawing out. With high-impact force and robust designs that make use easy – these tools make this job a lot less complicated! They come in different sizes for low, medium, or high-complexity work projects.

Some models feature an SDS-Max(tm) chuck that provides for fast chisel changes while maximizing power transfer to the tool, while others boast Active Vibration Control to reduce vibration and fatigue, enabling prolonged work sessions. Others boast Constant Response circuitry with smooth starts and overload protection, with variable speed dials to match power to application, as well as Vario-Lock positioning systems that enable rotation and locking of the chisel into place for storage purposes; some also feature Service Minder(tm) lights to remind users when its time for maintenance!