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Chad Wild Clay is an American YouTuber with a massive following, creating videos featuring fun challenges, spying pranks, and fiction with millions of views on each. Based out of Las Vegas, NV.

He has amassed a significant following and often collaborates with other YouTubers. His videos are engaging and captivating.

Chad Wild Clay is a YouTuber

Chad Wild Clay is an influential YouTuber and social media personality known for posting hilarious videos to his channel, such as challenges, vlogs, parodies, product testing, DIY tutorials, and product testing videos. He boasts an immense following across social media, having collaborated with numerous internet celebrities to produce excellent videos.

Chad currently boasts more than 13 million subscribers to his self-titled YouTube channel, where he posts comedy roasts and parodies, challenge videos, and fruit-cutting tutorials, as well as over 940 million views in total. One of his most-watched films was called ‘Pen Pineapple Apple Pen. PPAP’ which attracted nearly 50 million views. Chad also created several parody songs as well as kid-friendly mystery narrative series.

Chad Wild Clay has established himself as an entertaining YouTube video creator as well as an influential fashion vlogger and Instagrammer, with millions of dollars earned through his famous ‘Chad Wild Clay Style’ and “Chad Wild Clay Kit.” Additionally, his healthy lifestyle serves as an inspiring role model for young people to follow.

Wild Clay hails from America and hails from an American family, where he is raised alongside Jessica and Sam – his two siblings are raised with respect by their parents, teaching them both horseback riding and cooking as hobbies. He also finds time for in-between playing. Pranks on friends and followers alike. His sense of humor shines through, always smiling while having an infectious laugh with great wit – traits his parents instilled in him at an early age. His parents taught him manners as he developed into an intelligent young man. He learned respect from them both as his parents taught him respect; alongside a great sense of humor, he found joy in horseback riding & cooking skills & passion! His friends & followers enjoy playing pranks on them every once in a while…

As well as his talent as a dancer, he also boasts an immense following on Instagram, sharing pictures from daily life and workouts with followers. With blonde locks and blue eyes, his slim figure boasts an exquisite smile as he shows his daily workout photos to the world. Music also brings him great enjoyment; pop songs are his favorites.

His wife, Vy Qwaint, has been instrumental in his success as they collaborate on many videos together. They share lots of laughs while documenting their adventures through social media posts, sharing updates of where they travel for business purposes, and managing the Spy Ninjas content group. They both reside in Oakdale, Minnesota, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas regularly for business-related travels.

Chad and his wife boast an impressive following on social media channels – more than 814k on Instagram alone! Additionally, they’re highly active on Facebook and Twitter, where they use these platforms to promote products and services offered, participate in contests or events online, and post photos or videos of their travels directly to fans.

He is married to Vy Qwaint.

Chad Wild Clay, an award-winning YouTuber and social media influencer with over 13 million subscribers on his self-titled channel, offers entertaining roasts, parodies, challenges, fruit-cutting tutorials, and fruit-carving tutorials that have amassed millions of views online. Chad also regularly collaborates with other YouTube personalities, including FUNnel Vision, FGTeev, Jack Septic Eye, Stephen Sharer Dude Perfect, and Papa Jake, for even greater reach and viral video views.

Born in Oakdale, Minnesota, on 3-10-1984, and according to numerology, his life path number is 8, he married fellow YouTuber Vy Qwaint, with whom they had an immense amount of fun working on videos. Together, they enjoy traveling the globe.

His most watched video is PSY – DADDY in English Misheard Lyrics, with over seven million views. Beyond making PSY videos, he also creates many other forms of videos, such as unboxings, parodies, diss tracks, reviews, and product testing videos. In addition, he belongs to the Spy Ninjas content group and has won multiple Streamy Awards.

Chad keeps his personal life private and does not reveal much information about himself or his family. Vy is an established YouTuber/vlogger who frequently collaborates with Chad on many of his videos; she and Chad share an exceptionally close bond, cherish each other immensely, possess unique talents together, and possess great chemistry together.

They both love horses and spend considerable time riding them together. Additionally, in their free time, they enjoy cooking and crafting, exploring exotic locations, and sampling new cuisine – often filming all of these adventures on camera!

Both YouTubers have gained a large fan base who love what they do and wish to join their team. To meet fans’ desires and foster closer ties with them, they host a live stream where prizes and questions are awarded while answering all queries submitted by fans – creating an excellent opportunity for interaction between viewers and YouTubers alike! Fans can watch daily vlogs as well as subscribe to their channels in order to stay updated with what activities are planned by these YouTubers!

He has a significant following on YouTube.

Chad Wild Clay is an immensely popular YouTuber with over 6 Million subscribers on his platform. Known for his diss tracks, impressions, parodies, and fruit-chopping tutorials, he is widely renowned as an outstanding content creator who constantly seeks new ways to entertain viewers while working closely with many charities to raise money for children in need. Additionally, the star is active philanthropically as he regularly works with many charities raising funds for children.

Chad’s YouTube channel has become a fan favorite across generations and backgrounds. Working in collaboration with other top internet celebrities, his videos feature some of the most entertaining content online; his humorous, sexualized, and highly informative clips stand out among YouTube stars alike. His unique style sets him apart.

The YouTuber is a family man living with his wife, Vy Qwaint, and two dogs. Blue is his favorite color, and he enjoys playing video games and watching television programs. Vy is also an active YouTuber herself; they often work on creating videos together.

His YouTube channel is popular among viewers of all ages and provides entertaining and informative videos. There’s even an extensive DIY library! Additionally, the track has been featured on several television programs, including Nickelodeon’s “The Thundermans” and CW’s “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.”

Wild Clay also hosts his own YouTube channel and participates in the Spy Ninjas content group on YouTube, featuring an assortment of humorous and challenging videos that have received millions of views.

Recently, they’ve been creating videos depicting an imaginary spy saga starring themselves as ninjas fighting off Project Zorgo hackers. Additionally, their latest project will allow fans to join their team in defeating hackers in a spy-themed universe called Spy Ninjas Network mobile game.

Popular YouTuber Jeremy Lin boasts over 13 million subscribers on his channel, and his videos are trending worldwide. His content features roasts, parodies, and challenge videos; in particular, he is well-known for his fruit-chopping tutorials, which his fans find entertaining due to his skills and unique style.

He has a YouTube channel

Chad Wild Clay, known for his spy and ninja-themed videos that involve stunts and challenges, has amassed an enormous following on YouTube over time. His videos have engaged audiences of all ages and earned him massive success; furthermore, he recently signed a publishing deal with Scholastic (a children’s book publisher).

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Chad and Vy Qwaint have amassed an enormous YouTube following and created an acclaimed content empire together, boasting more than 3 million subscribers on his main channel and 12 billion+ views so far. Together, they have also recently produced a fascinating kid-friendly mystery narrative series entitled Spy Ninjas featuring Chad as one half of a ninja team fighting off Project Zorgo to save humanity from destruction.

Daniel Gizmo, Regina Ginera, and Melvin PZ have collaborated with Project Zorgo to produce content, competing against it in martial arts challenges, escape rooms, and more. Furthermore, they are in the process of opening a facility where fans can meet each other directly.

Chad is also an accomplished musician and songwriter, having released numerous music videos as well as singles. Additionally, he has appeared in multiple movies. Chad was nominated for a Shorty Award this year in the Best YouTube Ensemble category for his YouTube ensemble videos, which have amassed millions of views worldwide and earned praise from his followers.