Choosing Adams Funeral Home


During the time of mourning, families face numerous challenges. Choosing the proper funeral home can make this complex process more accessible. It can also help with making funeral arrangements and casket choices.

The staff at Adams funeral home will guide your household through memorial service etiquette, casket selection, urn options, funeral costs, local accommodations, and other aspects of the funeral. They will help you create a personalized tribute for your loved one.


The loss of a loved one can leave you with many unanswered questions and feelings of stress, anxiety, and grief that make events difficult to handle. The experienced funeral directors at Adams Funeral Home will guide you through the aspects of the funeral service with compassion, dignity, and respect. They offer various casket options and funeral flowers and can help you create a meaningful ceremony to honor your loved one.

The staff members of this funeral home are dedicated to helping families celebrate the life and memory of their deceased loved ones. They will work with you to design a customized ceremony that fits your wishes and budget. They can assist you with arranging memorial services, choosing caskets and urns, and choosing pallbearers. They can also provide grief counseling and pre-planning services.

This business is located 2.5 miles from downtown Roosevelt and serves the surrounding areas of Jamaica, Cambria Hts, Alden Manor, Springfield Gdns, Locustwood, Meacham, and Laurelton. It is also a short drive from the Queens-Lewis County Airport.

Unlike other mortuaries, this company offers a wide range of cremation services. In addition to providing burial and casket services, they can also handle pet cremation and cremation of the remains. The staff members are available round-the-clock to answer any questions you may have.

The prices below are based on the general price list for Adams Funeral Home & Cremation Services. However, funeral homes sometimes have special pricing packages; you should ask them if they are available.


Choosing the right casket for a loved one’s funeral can be difficult. However, many options can help you honor your loved one and create a unique ceremony. A funeral home is a great resource to help you make these decisions. Its staff will guide you through all aspects of a funeral service with compassion, dignity, and respect. They will also assist you in making funeral flower arrangements.

Adams Funeral Home has a variety of caskets, including cloth-covered coffins, wood and metal caskets, and cremation caskets. Some of these caskets can be customized to fit the personality of your loved one. They can even be engraved. Additionally, the home offers urns in a wide range of shapes and materials. They are also available in different price ranges.

In addition to the caskets, Adams Funeral Home provides a range of other funeral services. They can assist you with arranging a memorial service, coordinating transportation, and providing a reception. The facility can also offer your loved ones grief support and memorial jewelry. The staff at Adams Funeral Home can help you plan a memorial service that will honor your loved one and bring comfort to your family.

The facility also provides an on-site cemetery. Its staff will guide you through all options, from selecting a grave site to purchasing an outer burial vault. They can also assist you with naming pallbearers and choosing a minister or celebrant to lead the ceremony.

A memorial service is a time for friends and family to come together and pay their respects to the deceased. This can be very emotional and stressful, but the funeral home’s experienced staff can ease the process by helping you select a casket and create a beautiful ceremony. The funeral home can also help you arrange transportation and provide grief counseling for your family members. They can even help you choose a cemetery for your loved one’s final resting place.


Obituaries are a vital part of the grieving process. They provide families with information about the deceased and are a great way to start building memories. They can also be an essential part of a funeral service. They can help you create a ceremony that is unique and meaningful and will honor the life of your loved one. Adams Funeral Home & Cremation Services staff will guide you through every step of the obituary creation process. They can even help you with a memorial service or graveside marker placement.

The Adams Funeral Home has been in business since 1936. Sam Adams, Sr. bought an interest in R.B. Bibbs Funeral Home in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, and merged the two firms. His younger son, Bertel Adams, graduated from Gupton Jones School of Mortuary Science in Nashville, Tennessee, and joined the family business. Their public relations style, focus on customer satisfaction, and dedication to their industry set them apart from their competition. They specialize in traditional funerals, simple cremation, urn selection, grief support, and military funeral services, including veteran burial flags.


Whether your preferences are for burial or cremation, you can make arrangements ahead of time to ensure that your funeral wishes are fulfilled. This will help relieve your family members of the burden of making decisions when dealing with the pain of losing a loved one and cannot think clearly. You can choose what type of service you want, if you wish to be buried or not, the casket or urn you would like to use, the date of the service, and who will officiate. You can also pick out music and any readings or prayers you want to be included in the ceremony. You can even select pallbearers and decide who will scatter your ashes.

The final ceremony is an essential point of closure for the family and friends of a deceased person. It allows them to share memories, receive condolences and say goodbye. The funeral home will curate a final ceremony appropriate for the occasion and help ease the grief of those left behind. They will also assist with funeral costs, memorial cards, online obituaries, cemetery directions, and other arrangements.

Many people choose to pre-plan their funerals. The advantage is that they can select the exact arrangements they want and arrange a way to pay for them. This will alleviate the burden on their family members at a difficult time and can save them money. They can either choose to pre-pay their funeral expenses in full, or they can choose a payment plan that suits them.

Adams Funeral Home and Cremation Services staff is dedicated to providing quality, compassionate care for all its customers. They offer a wide variety of funeral packages to meet the needs of any budget. They can also assist you in creating a customized funeral service that will honor the unique life of your loved one. Their experienced team will guide you through making funeral arrangements and help you understand what to expect after losing a loved one.