Eccentric Meaning – What Does Eccentric Mean?


There are many different definitions for the word eccentric. It means ‘unconventional’, ‘unorthodox’,’slightly odd’, or ‘extravagant.’ Let’s take a look at a few of them. If you want to learn more about this word, you’ve come to the right place.


Eccentricity is a measure of the distance between two points in a plane. For example, the eccentricity of a circle is zero, whereas that of a hyperbola is one. Eccentricity has wide application in the field of space sciences, as the majority of celestial bodies follow elliptical orbits. For example, a circle has a radius, the distance between the centre and each point on the circle. It can be found by deriving the equation of a circle using given conditions.

The definition of eccentricity varies, ranging from informal to mathematical. The informal definition is based on bound orbits and the apocenter distance being close to the pericenter distance. An eccentric orbit is far from the axis.


Unconventional is a word used to describe a person who doesn’t fit into any established convention. An eccentric is not the centre of the universe. Eccentric parties are born more often than other types of parties. For example, Margaret has the most eccentric orbit, while Nereid is more eccentric in the mean.

A person who is considered to be eccentric is a nonconformist and is often considered crazy. However, most of these individuals are wealthy and successful. This is why they are often deemed to be more acceptable than people who are crazy. An example of an unconventional person is a young woman who goes out drinking, smoking, and wearing make-up. She may also have an unconventional attitude toward work.

Even though the word “eccentric” comes from Greek, it has been used figuratively for 300 years. It means behaving in a manner that is not the norm for a given culture. People who are viewed as eccentric are those who aren’t afraid to experiment and don’t care what other people think.

Slightly strange

Slightly strange and eccentric is a term to describe a unique or unusual person, behavior, or thing. It comes from the Greek word ekkentros, which means “out of the centre” or “out of whack.” The word was originally used to refer to a planet orbiting slightly out of alignment with the sun but later came to mean a strange or unusual person.

The term eccentric is sometimes confused with strange, a synonym for unusual. On the other hand, the term odd emphasizes unfamiliarity and can refer to anything unnatural, foreign, or unaccountable. A third word that can be used interchangeably with eccentric is unique, which implies that it is unique and has no known parallel.


An eccentric is someone who strays from the norm. For instance, if the moon orbits the earth at an oblique angle, it’s considered extremely eccentric. An eccentricity of this kind is also called prodigal behavior, which is considered immoral or depraved. The symbolic meanings of the word include whimsicalness and extravagant spending.

Even though eccentricity has a negative connotation, the word is often used in a positive context. In a positive context, it can be a way to promote creativity. For example, someone who works in the arts may be considered eccentric.

Defying society’s expectations

The word eccentric has many meanings, many of which involve defying society’s expectations. Regardless of the meaning, it is often used to describe people who are out of the ordinary. For instance, a man may call his wife an “excessive nanny.” Women can be eccentric, too, though it may not be common for women to be considered so.

Although some people are truly eccentric, they may not be geniuses. Some may consider their strange and sometimes bizarre behaviors whimsical, but some are downright disturbing to others. In some cases, eccentricity is a symptom of a mental disorder, such as obsessive-compulsive disorder. Other signs of eccentricity may be unusual tastes in clothing, hobbies, or a unique manner of speaking.