EPl Scores


There are several ways to determine if you’re looking for the best EPL scores. One way is to follow the links below to see the current results of each team. Another option is to go to the site where the leagues are hosted and click on the “Scores” tab. You’ll find a list of every team’s score over the past week or two. In addition, you can check the entire season’s results, as well as the halftime and home goals.

Half time result

If you’ve watched any Premier League games recently, you’ll have noticed that the number of matches ending with a 2-0 halftime result has dwindled from 54 in the previous season to 38 in the current campaign. The stats are based on the results of the last 29 matches.

Away teams have taken advantage of empty stadiums to score crucial goals. Liverpool allowed a free run at goal in the second half injury time. Saido Berahino scored a vital goal for West Brom in the 4-0 win. In the last three seasons, 44 matches ended at 1-1.

However, the IFAB advisory panel has warned of the risks of having more extended periods of inactivity. They believe this could increase the cost of the game and potentially create extra profit for television companies. As such, they have no plans to introduce changes that would extend the half-time and have proposed to reduce the length of the extra time.