Game Day USA – Create “Lifelong Memories” in Family Friendly Destinations


Game Day USA has been creating family-oriented baseball and softball events in family-oriented locations for over 12 years. Based out of Naperville, Illinois – 33 miles west of Chicago – their sports management firm specializes in such productions.

ESPN’s College GameDay visited SEC territory for the Notre Dame-Florida State match-up this week and featured Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit in its pregame show hosted by Rece Davis.

Athletx Sports Group

Game Day USA is pleased to bring together several premier 14u-18u travel baseball and softball tournament event brands under one umbrella, including Youth Nationals, Beach Battles, Pastime Tournaments, Mid America Baseball, and Net Elite Baseball events – as well as our newly established Youth World Series (D2/D3) and VERSUS series.

When there are disputes or questions concerning tournament policies and procedures, the Tournament Director will be made aware of such concerns, and their decision will be final. Tournament directors should communicate regularly with teams regarding changes that affect standings, seeds, or brackets, as these will affect team scores.

Teams should conduct themselves in a manner that brings honor and pride to their school, coaches, players, and supporters. Signs are allowed within the complex but must not be offensive, vulgar, or political.

Rules & Regulations

Game Day USA management stresses the primary goal of all tournament events is to offer memorable competition experiences and create lasting memories. Any threats of physical harm, violent actions, or abusive language during competition are unacceptable and will lead to immediate expulsion from an event.

During their visit to Kroger Field, guests are reminded of the University’s clear bag policy. Clear bags provide for excellent public safety by expediting security searches more quickly and effectively, and any bags brought into Kroger Field must be cleared before entering the stadium.

Parents are strongly advised to register their child/individual with guest services through the ID-A-FAN program in case they become lost amongst the crowd and need quick help finding them again. Guest services are capable of quickly helping locate any lost members rapidly.


Games Day is an enjoyable day of play and frivolity that allows people to kick back, relax, and show off their gaming prowess among friends and family. An excellent way to select which games should be featured at a Games Day party is by polling guests to see their favorites.

Game Day USA is a sports management firm coordinating over 150-weekend tournament events annually in family vacation destinations, specializing in baseball and softball tournaments for teams looking to fill their summer schedule with top travel ball tournaments. At every tournament event, couples should check in with the Tournament Director for updates regarding standings, seeds, brackets, etc.

Rosters & Waivers

After the NFL preseason has come and gone, its regular season can begin in earnest. Teams must reduce their roster from 90 players to 53 by enrollment cut-down weekend; this opens up hundreds of players for waiver claims.

Teams may claim players who have been waived off, with three days for their current club to either negotiate a trade or reverse the waiver decision; otherwise, the player goes directly to the team with the lowest win percentage.

Teams may place players on waivers to add them to their 16-man practice squad; however, these individuals must satisfy specific eligibility criteria.

Scores & Standings

Game Day USA, a division of Athletx Sports Group, provides baseball and softball tournaments designed to create “lifelong memories” in family-friendly venues across the Midwest and beyond. Additionally, Game Day USA hosts All-Star weekends & Junior All-American games at MLB Spring Training locations in Florida & Arizona.

Fall is football season in college towns, and for many fans, there’s nothing quite as thrilling as attending a campus game. Each school has its traditions and pageantry associated with game day; nonetheless, many share a familiar spirit on game day.

Since ESPN first launched “College GameDay” at Notre Dame-Florida State in 1993, this pregame show has traveled nationwide. While traditional powerhouses such as Alabama, Clemson, and Ohio State often host it, GameDay has also visited FCS schools and DIII institutions.

Fan Code of Conduct

Guest conduct must always adhere to acceptable sportsmanship standards and respect the rights of others. Conduct that fails this standard may result in removal from the facility, ejection, and future ticket renewal privileges being suspended.

Spectators should show their support by cheering, singing, and generally showing enthusiasm for their team. However, it would be inappropriate for spectators to display or throw objects that would disrupt the contest and cause distraction to opposing teams and fans.

Fans are strongly advised to bring clear bags to enhance their experience and streamline security screening processes more quickly. This policy serves as a national best practice and ensures the safety and security of participants and spectators alike; medically necessary items (like baby food) will still be allowed with additional screening procedures in non-clear bags.


Fans often forget that umpires are real people with very demanding jobs. They spend many days traveling between cities – often flying commercial – rarely spending more than three or four days at once in any one location.

Umpires wear standard equipment, which includes a light blue shirt (or, during colder weather, a long-sleeved shirt), grey pants, and either a pullover windbreaker with removable lower sleeves and a large pocket or heavier black dugout coat that features the MLB logo patch on its chest pocket. An umpire also carries a bag filled with extra baseballs and wears the standard white umpire’s hat.

Educated fans who respect game day usa instead of trying to influence how an umpire performs his job will have an improved experience.