Homesmart Reviews From Xcel Energy


The reviews for HomeSmart from Xcel Energy have been compiled using a ReviewBuzz system, which may not match all review sites. However, one technician’s rating is highly positive and has an excellent consumer-friendly nature. In addition to his technical skill, Danny Stacey is also a highly consumer-friendly technician.


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Xcel Energy

The basic home service plan offered by Xcel Energy costs $2 less monthly than CenterPoint’s Service Plus plan. The most significant difference between the two plans is that CenterPoint covers you immediately upon sign-up, while Xcel requires a 30-day waiting period. Customers who initiate service calls before the 30 days will be charged regular rates. As a result, some customers complain of service delays, which are a problem if you must make several trips a year.

Danny Stacey

Danny Stacey provides his honest Homesmart reviews on YouTube. In his videos, he focuses on the pros and cons of the service. His tips are based on his personal experience. Danny is a Realtor in Glendale, California. He has been using the Homesmart app to help sell homes for several years.

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