How Much Does Executive Resume Writing Cost?


Are You Seeking Entry Into the C-Suite or Planning on Entering it Soon? Building an impressive, tailored executive resume is crucial if you wish to progress into or advance within this elite space, but at what cost will that come?

Finding the ideal service is no easy feat; samples, reviews, and guarantees should all serve as a good starting point, but always speak directly with the writer before hiring them.


Considerations when selecting an executive resume writing service can include several elements. These factors may include the quality and experience of its writers; time taken to prepare a draft; additional services included within their package; as well as cost related to the type of job you are seeking – making sure you find a resume writing service that offers good value for your investment is of primary concern.

Some top executive resume writing services provide extras such as career advice and cover letters that will increase your chances of landing an interview. Though more expensive, these services could help you land a job more efficiently. Executive-level jobs are highly competitive; your resume must stand out to increase your chances of being invited for interviews. These services will make a positive impression on hiring managers and can boost interviewing odds significantly.

Selecting an executive resume writing service is essential and should be approached carefully. Ideally, select one with excellent customer support, so if any problems arise with your purchase, they will be there to assist with it.

Briefcase Coach provides professional resume writing services and coaching packages tailored specifically for executives. This service can significantly benefit executives seeking to hone their interviewing techniques or prepare for leadership transition. With various pricing packages ranging from one-on-one coaching with Mary Elizabeth Bradford to a la carte resume writing options, Briefcase Coach can meet any executive’s needs and expectations.

TopStack’s Executive Resume Writing Service stands out with its innovative pay-after model, which allows customers to start the resume-writing process without entering their credit card information and only pay if satisfied with the results. Their website contains testimonials from happy customers that can give an idea of what to expect when working with TopStack – they can help craft resumes and cover letters and LinkedIn profiles and cover letters!


The price for executive resume writing services depends on various factors, including consultation fees or hours the writer spends working on your project. If they work closely with you throughout the process, they will cost more than services that contract out writers on a contract basis.

An executive resume should showcase your professional experiences in an easily quantifiable way, emphasizing your accomplishments in specific terms. Furthermore, it must avoid using unnecessary jargon or hyperbole and should utilize proper grammar; additionally, it should contain relevant keywords, ensuring it passes applicant tracking systems quickly. An experienced writer must create an impressive executive resume that can land interviews.

An effective way of evaluating resume writers is through reading online reviews from previous clients. While you cannot verify the authenticity of these reviews, they can indicate what to expect from each writer. Furthermore, it would be prudent to reach out directly and request examples of their work from them directly.

When selecting an executive resume writing service, look for one with a dual-process approach to brand building. This involves discussing branding questions before attending a comprehensive strategy session – perfect for executives who value thoughtful engagement while offering more options for client customization.

As part of your evaluation of resume writing services, another factor to remember when selecting one is their ability to meet deadlines. This factor is especially crucial for executive-level candidates who often must submit their resumes quickly. Inquire as well about turnaround time and customer service reputation.

As a high-earning professional, hiring an executive resume writer for your next job application may be in your best interests. A skilled executive resume writer can craft a document that showcases your skills and experience while simultaneously building your brand – making this step in recruitment essential in landing new work opportunities.

Customer service

An effective executive resume writing service should provide personalized services that exceed expectations – from phone consultations and written documents through LinkedIn profiles and interview coaching to follow-up emails and thank you notes – this kind of care and consideration could make or break your hiring chance!

Capstone Resumes provides more than just executive resume writing services; they also assist clients with career transition, salary negotiation, and personal branding. Their company also offers a guarantee covering their work should your investment not lead to your desired job outcome.

While there are many executive-level resume writing services out there, it’s crucial that you choose one with an outstanding reputation and can deliver outstanding results. Be wary of services that attempt to cut corners by hiring cheap writers and not providing full guarantees; such services may not offer value for your money and could cost more in the long run.

ZipJob specializes in writing professional resumes for C-level executives and directors and boasts an exceptional TrustPilot rating, offering free initial telephone consultation, unlimited revisions, and additional services that may be purchased.

TopStack offers premium services with their pay-after model, meaning no credit card information needs to be entered until your project has been completed. This makes for an ideal way of trying out services before deciding if they’re the right choice for you.

Wendi Weiner offers another outstanding executive resume writing service; she has assisted hundreds of executives in finding new employment and negotiating salaries quickly. Working alongside certified professional resume writers, Wendi guides her clients through their job search process while creating an effective branding strategy to attract recruiters and land their desired position.

Getting started

Price should not be the sole deciding factor when selecting an executive resume writing service. Instead, research whether the writer offers guarantees or how long it will take them to get your document ready for submission. Likewise, be sure to research whether they have certificates and a solid reputation, as these factors are critical in creating an interview-worthy document that gets noticed by recruiters and hiring managers.

An executive resume should showcase your professional experience and achievements. One way to make it stand out is by listing specific accomplishments for each role; for instance, list the most recent one first while including any relevant achievements relevant to the job you’re applying for; you may wish to leave off older roles altogether or use this space to discuss any skills developed while at them.

An executive resume should also include keywords to increase its search engine results. But be careful of using overly jargon-filled terms that obscure your message – many services provide free keyword analyses to assist in identifying suitable phrases for you to include in your document.

Starting your executive resume writing journey may be daunting, but it doesn’t need to be. Various strategies are available for finding the ideal service, such as checking references from previous clients and performing an intensive background check. Furthermore, you may wish to look up reviews online from users to be assured you’re dealing with a legitimate provider.

Quality doesn’t come cheaply; quality resume writing services don’t. A professionally written resume can increase your odds of landing a six-figure job interview and secure it more effectively. There are ways to reduce costs for an executive resume, such as choosing less costly packages or taking advantage of discounts available to students or alumni; additionally, seek services offering free consultations.