How to Apply Online For an ID Card


Due to an increased volume of renewal applications, there may be an extended wait time. Therefore, please check our Online Document Guide in advance to ensure you bring proof of identity when visiting our office. Discover the best info about gefälschte ausweise kaufen.

Your new ID card will expire eight years from its issuance, and its service fee is waived for individuals 17 years old or older and $15 for children aged 5-16.

How to Apply

Apply online now for either a standard state-issued ID card or an enhanced non-driver photo identification (ENDID) REAL ID to gain entry to federal facilities and domestic flights beginning October 1st, 2021. REAL IDs also enable accessing federal facilities at airports domestically.

The application process includes providing documents proving your date and place of birth, legal name, and NYS address. To be considered for citizenship by NYS, you must be at least 17 with either parent/guardian present to sign your application if under 16 years old.

Use our interactive REAL ID Document Checklist to prepare for a DMV office visit and save time by filling out your ID application before visiting a field office – this will make the visit more efficient and reduce wait times!


If you are an American citizen and your ID card expires soon, renew it online, via mail, or in person at an office. Be prepared to show proof of citizenship and match the legal name and birthdate details with what’s on file at Social.

Security Administration.

Non-driver ID cards are valid for eight years. REAL ID and Limited Purpose non-driver ID options may also be available to you.

Are You Eligible for Reduced or Fee ID Cards from DMV? Senior citizens receiving Supplemental Security Income or homeless shelter residents may qualify for reduced or no fee ID cards from DMV offices, either personally or by mail application. Select sponsors can also request Uniformed Service ID Cards for eligible military personnel and family members online through DMV’s Uniformed Service ID Cards Service.


Due to security changes introduced in 2020, all new and renewal licenses/ID cards are no longer printed locally but will be printed centrally and shipped out directly. As a result, customers no longer pick up duplicate licenses/ID cards at our offices; instead, they will be sent by mail now.

Use this online service to request a duplicate photo identification card, GLS learner’s, or mop; ed permits if your original one has been lost, stolen, or destroyed. If your current picture is on file with us, a duplicate with that photo will be sent directly. Alternatively, upgrade your standard ID to Real ID by purchasing it at an additional cost of $10; once completed, your transaction will yield an email receipt that can be printed and used until your new ID arrives via mail.

Change of Address

If you move within New York, the RMV must update your driver’s license/ID card file and vehicle registration records accordingly.

Report your address change within ten days of moving. This can be done online, by mail, or at your local RMV office.

Report your change of address, and you will receive a complimentary address update card to carry with you and present at all necessary meetings or registration. It will also be noted on your vehicle registration record and the back of your photo ID (cross out your old address).

Standard ID documents display your mailing address, while REAL or Enhanced ID documents display both. To get duplicate copies that include residential addresses, a fee must be paid to order duplicates that do so.

Change of Name

If your name has changed since applying for an ID card, you must visit a DMV office with proof of your new name change document.

Documents must be original or certified copies; otherwise, a translation must be provided.

Online name changes only alter the base record held by DMV; to obtain the appropriate version of your title, Confirmation of Ownership*, or registration document, you will still need to visit a field office.

Show proof of your preferred name, such as a court order, marriage certificate, or divorce decree. Nicknames or prefixes cannot be accepted in your documents as proof.

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