How to Choose the Best Waterproof Motorcycle Trousers


A good pair of motorcycle trousers should protect you from the elements while offering comfort and allowing you to move freely. The type of fabric used is a significant factor in this, but there are plenty of options to suit every budget.

The best waterproof motorcycle pants are built with a Gore-Tex membrane to keep you dry and provide a high level of ventilation. They are comfortable to wear and are suitable for all weather, whether you are riding in the UK or abroad.


Textiles are a fantastic choice for waterproof motorcycle trousers. They are usually less expensive than their leather counterparts and offer the best of both worlds: protection, breathability, and extreme versatility.

Depending on the weave, textiles can be very breathable, which can be a huge benefit for riders riding in hotter conditions. Sweat is your body’s natural way of cooling down, so textile garments must allow the incoming air to reach the skin easily.

For example, Richa’s Cyclone trousers are crafted with a triple-layer Gore-Tex membrane that stops rain from soaking through the fabric. They also have a removable thermal liner, which is excellent for those chilly winter rides.


Leather is a challenging and hard-wearing material used for years in making gear such as jackets, trousers, and handbags. It’s a material that traditionally won the battle with textiles regarding abrasion resistance, but now there are some great lightweight alternatives in the form of synthetic fibers such as Dyneema.

Textiles can be waterproof or highly breathable, offer removable thermal liners for chilly days, and are often extremely hard-wearing. They can be made of various materials and even have impact protection.

Motorcycle pants are essential riding gear that provides extra protection for the rider in the event of a crash. Choosing high-quality materials, such as a CE or UKCA Level 1 impact protector like D3O, can help reduce the risk of serious injury.

You can choose from a wide range of motorcycle trousers, each designed to suit the type of rider. They typically come with CE armor and various pockets to hold your wallet, phone, or other belongings.


Denim motorcycle trousers have the benefits of being lightweight, breathable, and airy. They also offer a lot of protection from abrasions and impact.

Most modern jeans offer CE safety ratings, with Class A as the minimum requirement and AAA as top-tier protection. It’s essential to check these labels to see what level of protection your jeans provide.

Another essential feature is knee padding, which can protect your thighs and knees from abrasions during a crash. Many pants also have Kevlar panels sewn into them for additional protection.

A good pair of waterproof motorcycle trousers can be reasonably priced. Merlin Mason’s All-Weather Denim Jeans are an excellent example, with a Reissa membrane and Strong Max zips. They’re available in slim and relaxed fits and a range of colors.


Gore-Tex is a membrane underneath the outer layer of your waterproof jacket or trousers. When rainwater soaks through the top layer, it reaches the Gore-Tex membrane and goes no further.

Keeping your jacket or trousers dry is the key to riding comfortably in the rain without getting wet. A good pair of waterproof motorcycle trousers will be breathable and comfortable and provide the necessary protection to keep you safe.

The best waterproof motorcycle trousers will be laminated with a waterproof membrane resistant to water penetration. This means that when water does get to the outer layer, it cannot penetrate through, so it will not soak into your trousers and become heavy and uncomfortable as you wear them.

However, this durable water-repellent coating does wear off over time; if this happens, you can quickly restore it by washing your garment and then spraying it with a DWR product. This will help it to retain its waterproof qualities for as long as possible.